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The intense kiss of Mayte Rodríguez and Diego Boneta paparazzeados at the Colombian restaurant Glamorama

Author: Christian Farijas Ravalal / April 26, 2019

The romance of Mayte Rodríguez and Diego Boneta goes smoothly. Now the Wea de Colombia magazine published a paparazzi photograph in which a 30-year-old Chilean actress and a Mexican translator of 28 appear in a restaurant.

"Paparazzi: We caught" Louis Miguel "on a romance, in Cartagena" is the phrase by which the magazine painted the picture, in part of the cover of its last issue.

Yesterday in Contestants, Ale Valle said the photo was on sale last weekend and offered it to the La Red program. These are the words of the animator of the La Red program:

"The picture came to our production a week ago, and this picture was supposed to be from a date between Diego and Matea, but the picture was not complete because they wanted to sell us the picture, and here, as we are lucky to pay a salary, we said" , I'm very sorry. "But now, seeing it (in the Colombian magazine), it's the same thing they wanted to sell" -WHERE HERE VIDEO.

Meanwhile, the newspaper LUN today takes photos of the entire cover. They explain that Caroline Arregoi's daughter and the main character of the Louis Miguel series produced by Netflix were paparazzi on Saturday, April 13 at the La Vitóla restaurant in Cartagena de Indias. The evening lasted about two hours. The couple left the place separately and Chileans avoided the blows.

For weeks, the intruders talked about the Rodriguez and Bonet affair. Then, Mega Ahora Noticias's news website posted an image of a couple on a boat in Cartagena.

Later, for the Holy Week, Diego and Majo continued their romantic journey to Cancun, where they were shown to take diving lessons at the Aquaworld Water Diversion Center. At the same time, the Ripley multi-store, which it has as advertisers, launches an advertisement where dancing and flirting occur.

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