Monday , January 18 2021

The importance of outpatient clinics

One of the big bookmakers on display at the 42nd National Congress of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Physicians (Semergen) is aimed at investigative agency directed by Sergio Sinza Sanjurjo, A family doctor at the Porto do Son Health Center, EOXI Santiago de Compostela, who published four studies conducted by the agency to know the effects of the coronavirus on family doctors and patients: ‘AP Value “,” Promakovid “, “Evaluation of the risk of coronavirus infection in family doctors” Y “Clinical-epidemiological characterization of Covid-19 disease”. According to these lines, he pointed this out “Primary health care is the mainstay of virus research.”.

Cinza stated that the current state of pandemic put on the table the need to examine a disease new from which nothing was known. In this perspective, he emphasized that Primary care is a lot “important “ at the time of control of patients with Covid-19. “To catch up welcomingIt is true that the ICC and the departments of pulmonology and internal medicine are fundamentally carrying the burden, but there we are talking only about admitted patients. It would be interesting to know more about patients outpatient », pointed out ..

In this context, Sinza evaluates Primary Health Care as the mainstay of Covid’s examination and explains the two studies conducted by the research agency Semergen in order to analyze the state of recruited infected patients and GPs.

“During the first wave of the pandemic, we did a study called AP value. They recruited 900 surveys with appropriate serological tests of medical staff for primary health care. In this research it was noted that seroprevalence “Against SARS-CoV-2 was much higher in medical staff than in the general population, compared to the study promoted by the Ministry of Health,” explained Sinza.

Meanwhile, Semergen also conducted the study Primakovid with about 300 recruited patients which had their own profile, symptoms, and evolutionFifty-three researchers participated in the study, “there will be preliminary results soon,” Sinza said.

To these investigations are also added “Evaluation of the risk of coronavirus infection in family doctors” Y Clinical-epidemiological characterization of KOVID-19 disease in the Spanish population. Use of health resources’.

Networking for research in primary health care

“For the investigation to move forward, that is essential network and with other groups multidisciplinary. In order to conduct studies, it is necessary for every health center to want to work with similar ones. It is hard to think that with the competitive level that exists, it is possible to have the capacity to assume large projects, that is why the agency was born, to promote the care for primary health care, but also to create a networkof researchers nationwide “, Gray explained.

The Semergen Research Agency currently has approx 750 researchers, between doctors and residents, and with more than 30,800 patients recruitedIn 35 agency-coordinated studies, 15 of which are still ongoing with more than 15,000 patients, “the numbers are encouraging,” Tsinza said.

Future of the research agency Semergen

“As long as the pandemic lasts, we will promote another field study. The idea to him 2021Depending on the progress of the pandemic, we have two preparedness studies cardiovascular risk and psoriasis and pathology with clinical examination of pain. We want to start them once the situation calms down and the medical centers return to normal. “These investigations have already passed the ethics committees and the protocol has already been made,” Sinza said.

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