Friday , May 7 2021

The Ice Fair is approaching the map of Fortnite Battle Royale

An ice ramp approaches the fortunes
The tower on the iceberg through the Fortnite Insider

How season 6 of Fortune from Episk we leave clues about next season. And in the winter so close it points to Christmas theme. Something that appears to have been confirmed with the appearance of a the iceberg which approaches the Fortney map. Ultimately, if Fortnite is characterized by anything, it is because of its constant events and upgrades.

It was necessary to leave the map to realize all the details, but thanks to the community it is possible to observe it closely the iceberg. And, if we pay attention to Fortune's history, we could see parallelism with a cube that marked the season 6. You can also see the top of the iceberg as it looks tower of the castle.

The fair that can collide with the map contains a castle

Something that suits you rumors the last ones who talked about it through cracks from the map that could be seen ice castle. What can be changes on the map as it happened before, when a meteor hit the island. In this way it is easy to assume that the iceberg will end with a collision with the island new locations.

Also found are the files of the game other changes. The most striking is the one that points to Destroying chopped floors. Something that will be favored by robotic attack above the city. An event that will change one of the busiest areas of the map.

At the moment all these things are waiting for confirmation from Epic Games. But, given the history of the game, something changes. Looking at the map changes that appear at the end of each season, it's more than likely that these rumors are true.

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