Sunday , May 16 2021

The happiness that was called Coloma: the exchange of jobs for the relatives of a senator from the UDI

Usually the course ends up turning into a boomerang and the blow, always, goes to the ass of those who raise the speech against nepotism. That was what happened to the government, bearing in mind that during the last presidential campaign, the law – in its role as opposition – imposed on many officials and advisers to the administration of Michelle Bachelet to get used to living on the account the state.

When a government change was made, the media was watched by relatives and relatives of Chile's Vammos and those who assumed positions that showed that beans were cooked everywhere and that beyond professional skills there are many who, thanks to their surname or kinship, reach to certain positions in the state.

While Interior Minister Andres Kahwick was fired from time, with the fact that his two sons were placed in different positions in the government – one of them actually resigned over controversy – it was UDI senator, Juan Antonio Coloma. , is one of those with the largest number of relatives installed in the government.

The fact that it continues to make noise in the ODI sectors at the moment, when the party faces tense internal competition to define its new president – between Senator Jacqueline Van Russelberg, who will be re-elected Javier MacAjah – and one of the main promises in the campaign is to restore lost mysticism in the guild.

Senator Coloma played all of his chips for Macai's list, in which his own son-in-law, Juan Antonio Coloma Álamos, is the general secretary of the community.

Another of the children and his daughter-in-law went straight to the offices of key ministries through the big door in La Moneda. This is Jame Coloma Álamos, adviser to the interior ministry, who receives a salary of one million nine hundred thousand pesos, and Francesca Hoffman – sister of deputy Maria Jose Hoffman and deputy Ms. Coloma Almos – are currently serving as a consultant to the Ministry of Interior General Secretariat of the Government. In his palace, also his sister-in-law, Polina Prohaska, appears as a journalist at Seppres.

To date, there are two more names that also belong to Senator Colom's networks; this is Thomas Hoffman – the brother of the aforementioned deputy – who is the head of the cabinet of the National Director of the Civil Service, Alejandro Weber, an entity working during the top public management, the institution in charge of designating the most desirable positions provided by the public sector. There is also Talka governor Felipe Donoso, son-in-law of the UDI senator.

In this scenario, the words of President Sebastian Pinera during the presidential campaign sounded when he pushed Senator and former DC candidate candidate Karolina Goic to the functions carried out by some of her relatives in the Bachelet administration: "several families have so many civil servants the public, because here it is not because they have a deputy or a senator, they start putting their brothers, their mother-in-law and their relatives in the public sector.

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