Monday , May 17 2021

The Gymnastics eliminated the River with penalties in the Argentine Cup Sports

The river is not found in the last days. After suspension of the final against Boca, the "millionaires" were eliminated from the Argentine Cup against the Gymnasium and Esgrima de La Plata.

Twice "Banda Sangr" was an asset, with goals from Gonzalo Martinez (30 ') and Lucas Pratto (48'). However, Lobo managed to equalize with Lorenzo Faravelli (34 ') and Santiago Silva (60').

Both cast They ended up with 10 players, by the expulsions of Ezekiel Bonifacio (40 ') and Javier Pinola (51').

In the penalties, the wicker squad prevailed 5-4after Jonathan Maidana failed to postpone the decision.

In this way, the students of Pedro Troglo it will define the champion from the competition facing Rosario Central.

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