Monday , June 14 2021

The Google app exceeds 5 billion downloads in the Play Store

The famous one apartment on Google just scored a milestone and joined the selected club.

It turns out that the same thing exceeded 5 billion downloads in the Play Store, a mobile app for mobile ecosystems at Mountain View.

As a convincing example of what I have told you, we leave you with the following screenshot. There you will see prominent in the box in red the number of objects:

All applications with 5 billion downloads are owned by Google

Last weekend the Great G Maps application was another of the few programs to reach this number.

In fact, in other words, at the moment only three apps have this number fully. In addition to the two mentioned above, we must add to YouTube. That is, there are a total of three.

Interestingly, they all belong to Google itself. Therefore, we could say that in this sense they have little advantage because they are installed by default on the vast majority of devices running on Android. There are usually some exceptions in China's products.

Moreover, the source emphasizes this Playback services He also belongs to this elite. However, they do not consider it, because in the end it is not considered as such.

For now, now there are two questions circulating in the air: What will be the next apartment in achieving this number of downloads? And who will be the first outside the signature of Sundar Pichai in receiving this award? Time will give relevant answers.

Source: Android police

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