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The General Electric conglomerate benefits pensioners within 20 miles

The company has a pre-financing plan of US $ 4,000 million and US $ 5,000 million of estimated earnings before 2021 and 2022.

General Electric does not have an audition para reducir la deuda that is to say goodbye to ejecutivo's director, Larry Culp, before the golpe-makers' chamber, as well as retirees benefiting from over 20,000 immigrants in the United States.

La compañía, además, prefinancial plan between US $ 4,000 million and US $ 5,000 million Estimates for 2021 and 2022. Medium term estimates of US $ 5,000 million pension deficits to US $ 8,000 million and reductions in GE industrial output over US $ 6,000 million.

GE's pension deficit is one of the few peoples between the estadounidenses, just to complicate Culp's journey to the equilibrium of a recuperative company. The ejecutive director, who has a cargo of goods at a time, has to deal with some of the most pressing problems, with a negotiation of energy in decadence and passive security measures.

GE Acciones repurchases 1.4% of US $ 8.69 as a starting point for regular operations in New York. Avanzaron's 18% discount is currently available on the S&P 500 coins.

GE, which has announced a new pension plan in 2012, offers a global paycheck that excludes any recourse to pay for menstrual pensions.

"GE's regression analysis has a strong position that costs varying decisions and congressional decision-making is not an option," said Kevin Cox, director of Human Resources at GE, in a comic.

In addition, there are over 700 congressional beneficiaries of supplementary pension benefits, including GE. The median entry is in Vigencia on 1 January 2021. GE contaba with 283,000 entries to the top of the list, including only 97,000 in the EEUU.

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