Sunday , October 17 2021

The gendarmes are starting a hunger strike amidst unemployment


The standpoint on the gendarmerie strike that has been fulfilling its third day today is radicalizing, while negotiations between officials and the government are still neutral. Today, after the assembly at the Penitentiary in Santiago, officials, through the spokesperson for the Front of Penitentiary Workers, Marcos Agurto, indicated that because of the "indolence of executive power and constant threats, we announced that from today we initiated a hunger strike in prison," Agurto said that activities will be extended to other prisons in the country if they do not receive a positive response to their demands.

However, from the leadership, Undersecretary of Justice, Juan José Ossa, warned that discounts will be applied to mobilized officials and that the resolution of summaries has been resolved.

According to Ossa, "all the measures we need to take to comply, not only with the law, but with what the Bureau of the Peacekeepers has organized on illegal strikes, will be taken."
In addition, considering the work that was interrupted by the strike, the undersecretary said that "the government naturally can not accept that this is contrary to the rule of law, and especially to the penitentiary policy." The government can not allow the judiciary to be hindered by the forces strength of any guild "

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The situation of prisoners in the Metropolitan Region is also sharpened, so that the Public Defender's Office has today "various legal actions in favor of 56 accused persons who are detained and 16 convicts who are kept under the underground goals of the Santiago Justice Center", as indicated in the statement sent by institution.

In addition, the entity was assured that "the situation of prisoners has become unbalanced because it is not compatible with the minimum restrictive measures, such as hours of natural light, family visits, food and health."

Head of studies at the Metropolitan Defense Office, Mario Palma, said that "regional spokesmen filed an application for an amparo with a request to establish a judge of the republic depending on the Justice Center in Santiago to verify the detention conditions of at least 72 people in the housing." This is because "these 72 people still remain in a place that does not meet all the conditions of the prison, which means that they suffer basic, basic and fundamental rights," concludes Palma.

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