Saturday , July 31 2021

The former Colo Colo could reach Huarran

Gustavo Alfaro He decided to resign as coach in Khurakn to lead Boca, causing turbulence in Park Patricius. However, after the arrival of Antonio Mohamed to take command, the illusion of continuing with the grand campaign taken by the Globe in the Argentine Super League de Football, were restored.

Now, Adolfo Duc's leadership focuses on strengthening the campus and its main goal is Lucas Barrios. The attacker was already polled a few years ago, but at that moment economic conditions were impossible.

After his secession Colo Colo, the arrival of the 9 will be easier and Paraguayans will be interested to join the club where he performs inferior. In addition, a brand new coach will ask whether or if the inclusion in position.

It should be noted that Neighborhood it was international with Paraguayan selection. His debut came on May 25, 2010 during a friendly match against Ireland, in which he was the author of the only goal of his team. In his next game, played against Ivory Coast on May 30, shortly after entering the game in the 70th minute of the game, he scored his second goal with an albino jersey.

In addition, he was called by the Argentine coach Gerardo Martino to challenge the World Cup in South Africa 2010. All Paraguay reached the quarter-finals and Lucas He made an extraordinary campaign with the redhead in the games against Italy, Slovakia and New Zealand.

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