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The dramatic increase in deaths in plane crashes (and why someone is then talking about "huge progress" in aviation safety)

Last year, there was a sharp increase in deaths from air accidents compared to 2017.

The report from the Aviation Security Network (ASN) shows that during 2018, 556 people died in plane crashes, compared with just 44 who died in 2017.

The year 2017 was the safest in history for commercial airlines, who did not say accidents with passenger jets.


ASN, based in the Netherlands, reported that in 2018 there was a total 15 fatal accidents with passenger aircraft. Among the deadliest were:

  • A plane crash in Leo in October last year in Indonesia, killing 189 people. Boeing 737 Max Plane crashes in Java Sea shortly after leaving the capital Jakarta. Then it was determined that the plane I was not in a position to fly.
  • The Cuban de Aviasion plane in May. The plane collapsed shortly after take-off and 112 people died. It is assumed that the cause was human error
  • In February, 66 people were killed in an air crash in the mountains of Zagros, in Iran.
  • Fifty-one people died when a plane crashed when landing at the Kathmandu airport in March.

"Huge Progress"

Despite figures, 2018 is third in the years safer based on the number of fatal accidents and the ninth most reliable in terms of the number of deaths.

According to the NSA, the panorama are better generally in the last 20 years.

The aviation consulting firm To70 estimates that the fatal accident rate for large commercial passenger flights is 0.36 for every million flights, equivalent to a fatal accident for each 3 million.


"If the rate of an accident has remained same that 10 years ago, there would have been 39 fatal accidents last year, "said ASN Executive Director Haro Ranter.

"According to the accident rate in 2000, there would be 64 fatal accidents." This shows tremendous progress in terms of security in the last two decades ".


For ASN, one of the biggest security concerns in the aviation industry is so-called. "Loss of control accidents" (LOC, for an acronym in English).

These types of accidents apply to irreversible deviation from the expected flight path, caused by either mechanical defects, human actions or environmental disorders.

Most of these accidents are fatal, says ASN.

LOCs have at least 10 out of 25 accidents more serious of the last five years.

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