Monday , January 25 2021

The disciplinary court sanctiones Espinoza and Palomec

The Universidad de Chile Chile flyer was given two sentences, while the Colombian defender got one. The next week will be examined Judge Jose Cabero's indictment of the defendant of Union Espanyol.

On Disciplinary court of the ANFP announced the penalties Gonzalo Espinoza and Ezekiel Palomek, both were expelled last weekend.

The wheel of the University of Chile He received two penalties after seeing the red card in classical college. "Bulldog hit combo for Luciano Aud, his former teammate in the races.

While for the defender of Spanish Union a severe sanction was expected. Especially after the lapidary report of Judge Jose Cabero, who said the Colombian defender "hit me on the face of my face after being expelled". However, Palomeque was sentenced to double yellow, and next Tuesday he would consider the indictment for the judge.

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