Saturday , July 31 2021

The difficulty that Lysandra Silva lived in social networks

Lisandra Silva became famous in our country after having participated in reality "Double Temptation" from the mega channel, a program that won along with his current ex-partner, Leandro Penna.

Through closing, Silva created great popularity among the audience, and is that his sympathy and talent went through the screen, which led to the recognition and love of the audience.

Thanks to this popularity, it currently adds more than one million 300,000 followers to your Instagram account (@lisandrasilva), thus receiving a large amount of comments in any growing publication.

In general, Lisandra always shares with her followers what she does every day, but everything changes when the former reality girl, through her stories, decided to make an account for @ggveraf that for several months he responded to his "stories" with insults of all kinds.

"Prostitute", "terrible", "stupid" and "disgusting Cuban" are just some of the words he has written to him through an account that has already been eliminated so that there is no record, except the images of Lisandra Silva.

Lisandra, much in her style of giving love and affection to her followers, did not respond in the same way to her hater, and that's it through publication in his story that he wrote "When hatred does not allow you to live."

Then we leave the screenshots published by Lisandra Silva in their stories that condemn their hater

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