Wednesday , May 12 2021

The decision Alexis Sanchez made in relation to Manchester United – International football

© AFP The decision Alexis Sanchez made against Manchester United

In England, they report the reaction of the Chilean striker after they have not been called to the last match for the Champions League. TVN


The current complex life Alexis Sanchez in Manchester City, especially after that in the last match for Champions League it was not even considered a replacement bench.

To make the technician worse Jose Mourinho, in his traditional style, he was direct and confident that Alexis was not hurt, and his absence in the team was with a technical decision.

From this, Mirror it provides it "Sanchez's connection with Mourinho is in an obstacle"

In addition, the announcement claims that this situation "strengthened the determination of Arsenal's former star to leave Old Trafford after less than a year because he is afraid there is no future in the club under Mourinho."


"Sanchez, who has a salary of more than £ 500,000 a week in United, told his friends he wanted to leave Manchester and tried to move to the French French champion Paris Saint-Germain," they add, I would take it forward.

A mirror predicts that if Sanchez leaves the team "he is in serious danger of becoming one of the most expensive mistakes in the history of the Premier League. "

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