Friday , May 14 2021

The December security package reaches Google Pixel with great improvements

The first working day of December, such as an early Christmas gift, The latest security package of 2018 arrived for Pixel 3 and 3XL. Among the speed of the update, this will also be one of the most prominent, because it brings many changes to the system.

As we can see, Google did not want to wait more than usual to submit its last update of the year, and wanted to do it in a big way; the security patch brings camera changes, type of charge, and adds solutions up to 17 vulnerabilities, categorized from "high" to "critical" depending on its weight.

Among all the improvements presented by Pixel, they stand out in camera, performance and also in use with accessories such as Pixel Stand for charging base, in addition to improvements associated with Android Auto or Mode Always on the screen.

In addition, the security patch in December is also available for Pixel 2 and 1, which you can access through OTA.

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