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The day the father of Jose Manuel Parada heard of his murder and continued on stage

Within the series of chapters of his web-series "The rest is history" – in relation to the relevant episodes in the recent history of Chile, The enthusiasm published one dedicated to the case of Roberto Parada, father of Jose Manuel Parada, killed in the Degolodas case.

Under the name "Function must continue", the video describes the details of the day when the renowned Chilean actor presented the work "Spring with a broken corner", adaptation of the novel by Mario Benedetti, together with the theater company ICTUS. The work was for a persecuted father whose son was a political prisoner of the dictatorship of Uruguay.

The events took place on March 30, 1985, on the day of the Parade found out about the murder of his son from the hands of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. It's amazing that he knew it in the middle, and yet decided to continue the work.

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His companions tried to repel him, but it was useless. The parade came on stage and gave a play that will remember those who saw it to this day. The room was already full, but as work progressed, more and more people arrived: friends who learned about the murder and decided to go with him.

Case Degolados

Between 28 and 29 March 1985, they were abductedJose Manuel Parada Maluenda, Santiago Esteban Natino Alande and Manuel Leonidas Guerrero Kebalos. Their bodies were found on March 30 near Puduhuel Airport, beheaded and tortured.

Parada Maluenda, 36, was a young sociologist and son of Roberto Parada. He worked like Head of the department for analysis of the vicariate of solidarity.

"He said he would not suspend the work, that he devoted it to his beautiful son", recalls the founder of the theater Ictus, Nishim Sharim.

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