Friday , May 7 2021

The Curiosity Rover has found a bright and unusual object on Mars

Experts from NASA believe that it can be a meteorite, but an analysis will be made to confirm.

Although attention was focused on the InSight investigation that landed on Mars a few days ago, today we announced that the Curiosity rover exploring the red planet of 2012 revealed a bright object that attracted the attention of NASA scientiststhrough Gizmodo).

As you can see in the picture, it is a rock with an unusually smooth and reflective surface that looks like a fragment of gold when it's caught in black and white.

According to NASA experts, a rock called Pequeño Colonsay is a meteorite, but they say they will know for sure while Curiosity does not conduct chemical analysis with its integrated instruments.


It is mentioned that Curosity has already found several similar items on his travels, including a metallic meteorite and a bright meteorite of nickel and iron, and that this time he will also examine a stone called the Flanders moss that has an interesting dark colored layer.

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