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The critical hours after the death of comunero Camilo Catrillanca

Wednesday November 14th. 4:15 am

Khehereouas Sector, La Araucana Three professors from the Santa Rosa School, located in the Ancchio community of Ersila, travel in three vehicles on a rural road when the three men prevent them from threatening with an ax, rifles and machetes. The alarm arrives at Karabineros and the operation is triggered by air and land while attackers flee into cars.

"They fly over helicopters in the sector, first seeing two of the vehicles, and then the third one, which has video footage," the prosecutor pointed out that the helicopter officer is following the transit of vehicles in a forest area. Three of them go down to the forest and then return to one of the vehicles "to find something they left forgotten" and then return to the woods, while two of them continue on the road, "as if there were not nothing has passed "," it's a record of a security warrant that he took that night in the "Colipuli" commission.

He continues: "Then they find a tractor that moves in front of them on the track, climb on it, turns and thrives a few meters, then returns to its previous route and faces the front with the carabineros de infantera. The public prosecutor that the officer of the helicopter thinks that one of the subjects who got on a tractor has demolished it, thrown it to the ground, that person is the young detainee MOC, which is held at 16:40. "

In a tractor from which the 15-year-old son was lowered, was Camilo Catrilanka, whose name was known in Ersila, because his grandfather was the historic poncho Juan Katrillanca and his father Marcelo, president of the Ignacio Queipul Millanao community.

The 24-year-old peasant dies on a tractor with a shot to his head.

18:45 Public Ministry for La Araucana

The district's high-level district prosecutor contacted senior Carabineros officials in the area to inform the radio that all personnel involved in the operation had to go to Fiscala de Collipulli to make a statement.

8:00 am at the Ershill Chesham (Family Health Center)

INDH Director Consuelo Contreras says: "The regional office of the National Institute of Human Rights was set up with counselor Joss Aylwin in Cesfam de Ercilla, and the body of Camilo Catrillanca was already there. We supported as an observer the transfer from Cesme to Angol Medical legal service, we were asked to participate as observers of the autopsy. " In the course of this procedure, a victim of the victim who was a doctor participates.

Contreras says the first thing that could be seen was that the peasant had a bullet in his neck and that he immediately contacted the human rights deputy, Lorena Rekaberen, so that the transfer of the body was not carried out by Karabineros, but by PDP.

Continue: "That night, as always happens when there are situations of this type, we visited the police stations because they were detained." In addition, he ran through social networks that had a wounded teenager, a group of adolescents detained, some were detained in Esila Chesfam, and also a teenager accompanying Camilo Katrilanka, and at that moment he had the first conversation with our team ".

Wednesday November 14th. 19:00 Currency

The Vice President of the Republic, Ands Chadwick, is sitting at the desk at his office in La Moneda, when he received a police report on his mobile phone, saying he had simultaneously happened on three cars in La Araucana. In just a few minutes, other information entered his cell phone: there was a confrontation with the police in Temucukui and there was a dead maple comrade.

With President Sebastian Pierre on a tour of Asia, Chadwick takes his mobile phone and contacts Carabineros General Manager Hermes Soto, who needs a full report on what happened. Then he does the same with FOIA.

The government follows the protocol set up in March by the Mayor of the La Araucana region, Louis Mayol: the regional government first speaks to the press, and if the case escalates, Chadwick goes out to discuss it.

8:00 am Temuco's Intuition

"This, from our point of view, is a piece of ordinary crime, and the affected are those who have suffered theft of their vehicles," Mayol said. He then adds that Catrillanca had a reception record: on October 22, he was arrested by police with a vehicle that would have a false patent plate.

At the same time, Carabineros CEO Hermes Soto said: "Until now we can not say what the source of the shooting is, there is a situation that must be clarified." Jorge Huenhouln, a spokesman for Temucukui, says the opposite: "Police killed him inside the community."

Chadwick is clear that the situation is serious. Call President Sebastian Pierre in Singapore and explain what is happening.

9:00 am Currency

Minister Cecilia Prez urges his peers from the political committee to evaluate the continuity of the tour he scheduled for the next day in Temuco. The plans are frozen for several hours. The assessment suspended the visit, but finally agreed not to change the trip. For some, it intended to give a signal of tranquility and control of the situation.

That night, Chadwick's mobile phone does not stop ringing: he's focused on gathering information.

Thursday, November 15th. 00:05 am Collipulli

The journey between the communes of Ersila and Kolipuli usually does not exceed 15 minutes. However, the carabineers who took part in the operation arrived nearly five hours after the call from Fiskala to make a declaration on the second mentioned location. The five soldiers – four near the tractor and a fifth waiting in the vehicle – arrived in the company of a lawyer from the institution, Christine Inostroza Quiiir. Little by little, other special forces troops arrived and arrived later. However, only the top five rope police officers reported. The last to be questioned was Sergeant II Ral Villa.

02:44 in the morning. Collipulli

While the deployed team of prosecutors and members of the PPI is conducting the proceedings, according to the court act in process, INH lawyer Markos Rawalal appealed to the amparo for the judge to reconsider the situation in the Kolpipulli commission for juveniles who are detained, including the MOC Judge Mara Fernanda Lagos arrives at the scene. Analysis of the situation and asked the prosecutor Enrique Vsquez for the background he had in connection with the case. The prosecutor tells him of the information that the police have given to him so far and the statement of one of the troops that went to the helicopter who participated in the operation to arrest the perpetrators of the theft of three cars in Ersila.

"This officer constantly communicates what he sees from the air to the ground and sends coordinates to the site of the carabinieri that were on the ground and thus satisfy the tractor." The prosecutor adds that pilots on the helicopter pronounced a similar meaning, the existence before all procedure and travel followed by seized cars, footage of communications made by the helicopter with CENCO, and also images captured with the GoPro camera carried by the vehicle's clerk, are is a record.

The judge rejected the amparo's request and authorized the juvenile to go to detention and take DNA samples and determine whether there is a presence of dust.

Trudging ends at 4 o'clock in the morning.

In Fiscal de Collipulli, the deployment of the public ministry continues and there are about 30 people who arrive early in the morning. It's a furious night. All resources are displayed.

At that height, MpC. to deny that he was beaten by the police and for the first time gives lights in his story of the destruction of evidence.

8:00 am Collipulli

Sergeant Ral Villa and three other members of the Gap are ending their testimony as defendants. There is a common thread that leads their testimonies: everyone said they did not carry their GoPro cameras and that there were no records of alleged confrontations, nor about the death of the common man.

Later, the carabineros version support procedures begin. Prosecutor Enrique Wexves ordered the FOIA to go to the offices of the Second Commission of the Fuerzas Speciales de Pailahuca, an operational center for police officers who took part in the entire operation in the area. Detectives come to the scene and search for all audiovisual records.

Among the members of the group is an expert from the Criminalistic Laboratory of FOIA. They include, among other things, the GoPro cameras of the Karabineros patrol, who arrived after the killing. The sources of the case say that it is evident in memory cards that they are formatted and that the carabinier points out that the images are downloaded to a computer from the reparticin, which are submitted to Fiskala.

At present, these memory cards are tested by FOIA. When Karabineros was consulted for formatting the cards, the institution responded: "There is an investigation by the public ministry and we can not address this topic."

8:00 pm Santiago

Social Development Minister Alfredo Moreno gives an interview to Radio Infinity before Chadwick, who has not yet spoken publicly about this. In a radio interview, Moreno refers to the death of Catrillanca and the Araucana Plan: "The facts as these make things harder." In at least one part of the political committee his statement is badly assessed. Minutes later, in fact, Chadwick gives a press conference and is adamant in pointing out that "the Araucanian plan remains exactly the same."

There is confusion in La Moneda. Not all the background of the case on the table, so the communication strategy is difficult to define.

12:00 hours Collipulli

They suspect Catrillanca's death and a new investigation has been opened by Roberto Garrido, the district's human rights law prosecutor. Start by reviewing the received images. Suddenly something happened that marked a milestone in the investigation.

The pictures show that the second Sergeant Ral Villa puts his helmet on, including her GoPro camera. His version is completely different from the original.

The villa statement is handled in strict reserve and opens a new line related to the possible crime of obstruction of the investigation. While the images are being collected and examined, the opposition wants an explanation of the death of comunero. It also regulates M.P.C. freedom: his arrest was declared illegal. Ersila is shocked. There are signs of support from the people of Mapuche towards the Catrilanka family.

2:00 p.m. Santiago

Airplane Karabineros flew towards Temuco. Rodrigo Uribla and the government's lawyer Luis Hermosila are traveling onboard the ship and are flying to meet La Araucana regional prosecutor Christine Paredes. More information is needed in the Government. So far there are more doubts about safety.

After returning to Santiago, there was doubt in La Moneda: the carbine may be hiding evidence of the operation.

In this context, Chadwick calls General Soto to appear in La Moneda. She was killed and Hermosila was waiting for her. The three advocate for the uniform of the possibility that members of the Rope do not tell the truth. General Carabineros would tend to support the version of his subordinates in principle. The conversation sometimes increases in tone and the atmosphere becomes tense. The then vice president ordered him to go to La Araucana the next day.

Friday, November 16, 12:00 pm Pailahueque

General Soto arrives at the headquarters of the Public Order of La Araucana's control district to know the ground that happened to the late comer and determine whether there was any irregularity in the conduct of the police.

Your visit is registered in the office, number 115, sent to Chadwick. "In the same barracks we met the patrol who participated in the event, saying at any time that no one in the patrol carried cameras and talked with helicopters pilots to teach their impression of what happened."

Then, General Soto travels to Angola. It goes to the Communication Center in order to verify that all the information requested by the tax office is delivered. Later he returns to Santiago.

"In accordance with the foregoing, the Subscriber General was satisfied that the officials who took part in the investigated events acted in accordance with what was stated and, therefore, none of them did not record the equipment (cameras) during their participation in the facts, "he explains in an act.

10:00 am Temuco

In an interview with Radio Bo-Bo, Minister Cecilia Prets said: "If Karabineros is attacked, he has the power to defend himself."

It is a communication line that some authorities of La Moneda do not evaluate with good eyes: it is said that it does not leave room for overturning in the case.

Since his visit to La Araucana, government spokesmen remain in the hands of Chadwick and Killed. Even the Undersecretary holds a press conference in the Blue Room of La Moneda, traditionally used by ministers of government secretaries.

In officialism, how much, the friendly fire begins. Euppoly's deputy Andrze Molina publicly criticizes Mayor Mayor Mayor.

Minister Moreno, in turn, was in contact with Lonks and even took steps to limit the criticism of Auck Wilkan, who demanded the resignation of Chadwick.

In parallel, INH already officially manages the story of the young MPP, who said he saw one of the police officers who took the card out of the camera to destroy it.

Saturday November 17th. 9:00 am in the morning

Minister Chadwick, together with Deputy Secretary Kills, met to prepare the Minister's presentation to the Security and Human Rights Committees of the Chamber, which invited him to give explanations. The story is already clear: the five carabineers who took part in the persecution said they had forgotten to shoot cameras, which meant an error in the alleged protocol, but it was just a mistake.

At three in the afternoon they split. She went to her house in La Barneheia to prepare for the celebration of her jubilee. There are more than 70 guests to eat.

16:00 Santiago

Andres Chadwick receives a call from General Soto. He tells you that you need to meet him urgently. The minister quotes him at his home in Vitokaura in the afternoon. Hermosila lawyer also attended. At a meeting, the uniformed man admits that his subordinates lied to him: tells the minister that one of the carabines broke the memory card, justifying himself having private pictures in it. Immediately, the Secretary of State calls on Prosecutor Paredes. Later, he sent the office with this background.

7:30 am Temuco

The prosecutor decides to advance the second interrogation of the involved police. The institution's lawyer, Kristin Inostroza, comes back to the company. Ah, Sergeant Ral Villa admits he broke the video card with scissors.

8:30 h Santiago The Vice President of the Republic calls on subdued Minister Rodrigo Ubiela and says: "Everything has changed, Maana is holding a press conference telling the truth." In the office Soto sent to Minister Chadwick, he associated himself with how that initial version was disarmed.

Sunday, November 18 9:00 am in the morning
The Palace of Currency

The government publicly announces the recall of the carbineeros troops and leaves evidence of fraud. La Araucana Regional Prosecutor Christine Paredes has appointed a new prosecutor to investigate this case of an obstruction of the investigation, Jorge Calderera, who is a member of the Human Rights Department of that regional office.

Monday, November 19th 10:00 am

Headquarters of the Radical Party Monday's meeting of progressive convergence states that the responsibility of the situation is from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is emphasized, however, under the responsibility of Mayol: he is credited when he said that Catrillanca had a criminal record. In Chadwick's case, he will decide to interpell.

In La Moneda, during a traditional Monday political committee, Senator Andres Alamand (RN) confirms: "Give a lamb to the wolf and go more." He was referring to the possible departure from Mayol did not prevent the opposition from crossing Chadwick. The government still had an idea to support the then mayor. In Palacio they do not expect an attack on the DC.

Tuesday November 20. 12:00 hours Valparaiso

In Congress, DC lawmakers issued a constitutional charge against Mayor. Deputy Matas Walker speaks parallel with Minister Pres, to convey the decision that took over the competition. In La Moneda the margins are narrow. The indictment was considered to be approved by the opposition. After Washington decides the public, Seppres Minister Gonzalo Blumel asks Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Silber if, on Mayor's resignation, they continue the indictment. Silber says no.

9:00 am in the morning

Chadwick, Pres and Kills met with President Pierre, who recently returned from his trip abroad. The president said the government should contextualize its management in La Araucana. As requested by the Undersecretary Killed. The idea is to show that the problem did not begin with the death of Catrillanca and that the government will take responsibility for the conflict.

Во владините кругови не беше незабележано дека министерот Морено не учествувал на состанокот.

Напредокот на Темуко Луис Мајол објавува дека се откажува од намерата.

Со неговото заминување, дел од опозицијата верува дека евентуалната акција против Чадвик мора да застане за сега: почекај го неговиот настап во следниот интерпелацин, во вторникот, за да ги дефинира курсевите за акција.

Следната недела ќе биде клуч. Се надеваме дека експертските извештаи се подготвени да утврдат дали куршумот што го убил Катриланка бил од едно од оружјето на Карабинерос и дали имало оружје во облеката на обичните луѓе. По оваа испорака, јавното министерство може да побара евентуална формализација на трупите кои биле испразнети.

"Ова е честа криминал, а засегнатите се наставниците кои претрпеле кражба на нивните возила". Луис Мајол. 14 ноември

Тие се вртат наоколу и почнуваат да пукаат куршуми кон него. Камило Катриланка, кога сфаќа дека пукаат куршуми, му кажува на момчето да се превиткува и гледа дека Камило Катриланка е застрелан ". CONSUELO CONTRERAS, 15 ноември

"Ако Карабинерос е нападнат, тој има моќ да се брани". МИНИСТЕРА CECILIA PREZ. 16 ноември

"Никој во патролата не носеше камери". ХЕРМЕС СОТО, 17 ноември

"Sgt. 2 Ral vila Morales ќе ја немаше вистината (…) S имаше камера во времето на постапката и чија мемориска картичка ќе го уништи по настаните". ХЕРМЕС СОТО. 17 ноември

"Пред неколку минати ја предадов мојата оставка на претседателот Себастин Пиера". Луис Мајол. НОЕМВРИ 20

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