Wednesday , May 12 2021

The consequence 76 must be locked in the vault

If there is anything we can recognize, the last time is that it really is as I thought the world would be after a nuclear crisis: it's ugly, it's catastrophic, dangerous and above all very, very boring.

The new game from the series surprised fans when it was announced during E3 this year not only to surprise that they have a new Fallout only this year, but also because it will be 100% online experience.

Following the fashion of many games, the Fallout 76 has been built to enjoy a group of friends. In fact, you need to constantly connect online to enjoy it. An initial idea at the beginning, but one that quickly decays when we know it is implemented in the worst possible ways.

The Fallout 76 prefix shows us the opening of a vault 76, one of the first to open after the nuclear crisis, which has forced the world to hide underground. This puts the game as the first in terms of chronology and therefore, topical, least interesting in terms of history.

This is because in the world of Fallout 76, unlike others, there is no type of developed society. All the huge maps of West Virginia are populated only by animals, robots, mutants and many, but many computers.

It's through these computers that you can learn the game's history through audio and texts that you must read, and that's probably the best possible implementation for a game that has always been rich in the social relationships that protagonists can create with this hostile world .

And yes, we all know that the implementation of superb stories in online games is complicated, but the implementation of computers is perhaps the weakest way to do it and feels like a victim, not an opportunity. The victim of what in my opinion has always been the true grace of playing. Last Time: Discover a new world and develop your character engagement in it.

But when you divulge the story, people, characters, and moral decisions, and everything becomes activity, and not a decision, the game loses all its grace and the meaning it once had.

And everything is very well proven by atomic bombs. In Fallout 76, players can find pieces of nuclear codes that, when they join, can be used to launch a nuclear bomb in any area on the map, preferably when your enemies and some other players are online, leaving the chaos, changing the map and generating a field of radiation. This ends up becoming a kind of nuclear war made to amuse 24 players that can be inside each server at the same time.

Full contrast to one of the first missions of Fallout 3, where we know the city of Megaton that was formed around an active nuclear bomb. One of the first missions has to do with the option: activating or deactivating the bomb, causing lasting consequences in your action.

The Fallout 76 world is a world without much consequence, without much work and whose fun depends more on your group of friends than on the activities and game that the game suggests. And to be honest, even playing clay is fun if you do it with your friends.

However, there are several things that the game does in an interesting way, such as the survival system that makes you measure your hunger, thirst and radiation together with your ammunition by having companions that can help you have Sifon of purified water serves a lot.

And the C.A.M.P. system, which allows you to build your strength and take it anywhere, is very useful to worry more about looking for materials than finding specific locations to use. But, despite this, the game as a shooter is mediocre and feels more like an overvalued mode than an adventure with a person, because the series is up to now.

Worst of all is that, as happened with Sky Sky, when it comes to talking about products online, it can not be so categorical, as patches, new seasons and improvements over time can effectively radically change the way you enjoy in a game of this type. But in the current situation, Fallout 76 does not deserve your attention because there are many games that do the same and do it better.

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