Wednesday , May 12 2021

The cheap shoe shopper is influenced by expensive shoes in the United States

CALIFORNIA- Payless's shoes chain opened a fake luxury store where it sold much more expensive shoes at the right price.

The company invited several "fashion influential" at the opening of the store, which pretended to have invented the brand "Palese". Guests paid up to $ 600 for shoes that usually cost less than $ 40.

In interviews made with "influencers", they increase the fabric and design of footwear. The experiment wanted to show that fashionable clothing could be available to anyone and without overpayment. The money was returned to customers and they left with free shoes.

It kills a skate devil

BARCELONA.- A 90-year-old woman died after being struck by an electric scooter where two young people were traveling.

Skate hit the old woman's body, which was taken to hospital, but died a few days after being beaten. Relatives of the victim seek compensation, but this is not considered a crime against road safety, since the rule applies only to "motor vehicles".

(Photo: File Graphic)

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