Tuesday , May 11 2021

The CDF defines how to convey the "warm" final date of the national championship

It will be an emotional date – Photosport

In Sunday Catholic University may be the champion, at the emotional last date of National Championship, when crusaders are measured Sport Temuco in German Becker.

On Sunday there will be four matches at the same time, and therefore CDF had to choose which of their signals will take on the obligations. A shock that can define the monarch and the bottom will go for CDF Premium.

At the same time, Colo Colo will be measured with U de Conce, Palestine with Huachipato and Kuriko Uniido with U. de Chile.

In addition, the day starts on Wednesday, while on Thursday will also play two obligations.


Wednesday November 28th

  • 19:20 – Everton vs San Luis – CDF Premium, CDF HD and Estadio CDF

Thursday, November 29th

  • 19:20 – Spanish Union vs. Union Calera – CDF Premium, CDF HD and Estadio CDF
  • 19:20 – O'Higgins vs. Audax Italiano – Basic CDF, CDF 2 HD and CDF stadium

Sunday December 2

  • 11:20 am – Sport Iquique vs. Antofagasta – CDF Premium, CDF HD and Estadio CDF
  • 16:50 – Palestinian vs. Huachipato – CDF Stadium
  • 16:50 – Colo Colo vs. U. de Concepción – CDF Basic, CDF 2 HD and Estadio CDF
  • 16:50 – Curicó Unido versus U. of Chile – CDF 2 Premium, CDF HD and Estadio CDF
  • 16:50 – Sport Temuco vs. U. Católica – CDF Premium, CDF 3 HD and Estadio CDF

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