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The Bitcoin LNP desarrollador revela vulnerabilidad de la red

Bitcoin's Lightning Network (LN) controller (BTC), Rusty Russel, has publicly released a report on the vulnerability of redshifts, including a solo solution.

Russel seal of the vulnerabilidad apareció al abrir canales de financiamiento. This process does not require any of the receptors to be included as a transaction but is financed by terminals and current scriptpubkey.

Scriptpubkey is a script of transaction that requires specific observation conditions for a Bitcoins gaste receptor. El archivo explica:

"A nodo of lightning that can be seen as a canal verification of the financial transactions of the abra efectivamente the canal propuesto. In lo contrario, an atacante puede reclamar the canal aperture no pagar al par, o no pagar la cantidad total. The only way to transcend the transcontinental laundry is through the canal fundus. The solo flight is not directly coupled to the canal and does not compromise the transacciones of other mutated species.

Una posible solución

Russel también proposo una solución al problema mencionado anteriorments. I just had to go through the finance transaction, the pares "have to be deducted from the cash flow descrito en 'funding_created'[1] is a result of a transaction of output financing[2] con el importe descrito en 'open_channel'[3]".

The archives are intended to be used in versions of c-lightning 0.7.1 and superior to the corrections process, including an actualization of the anterior versions of all Lightning Nodes.

On September 10, Olaoluwa Osuntokun, CTO of Lightning Labs and ACINQ, confirmed that there is a risk of potentially harmful casinos exploding. Con el fin de evitar el riesgo de peros fondos, Osuntokun recomenda encarecidamente a usuarios quod actualis versions of LN. Of the versions included, including Osuntokun, the LND version 0.7 is inferior, the C-lightning version 0.7 is inferior, and the eclair version is 0.3 inferior, the post seal.

On September 26, the number of Bitcoin LN nodes was set at 10,000 portions of the egg.

Como Cointelegraph informi previamente, Andreas Antonopoulos announces his book "Mastering Lightning Network", co-written by René Pickhardt and Director of Lightning Labs Technologies, Olaoluwa Osuntokun.

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