Wednesday , June 16 2021

The Bishop of Melipilla resigns from the function of the vice-president of the Episcopate

On the last day of the Plenary Assembly of the Episcopate Conference changes were made in the vice-president and some committees.

In the first case, for health reasons, the bishop of Melipilli, Cristin Contreras Villarroel, resigned from office to be taken by Archbishop La Serena, Ren Rebolledo.

After his release, during the convalescence he remained in the Holy Medical House of Ars in Santiago, for older priests with health problems.

In the second case, it was to fill the vacancies left by the prelates, whose resignations were accepted by Pope Francis.

Other changes

Acceptance of the resignation of the seven bishops by the Supreme Pontiff also obliges to change the commission of the Episcopal Conference.

In the doctrine, where the former emirate of Puerto Montt, Cristin Caro, took over the assistant of Santiago Cristina Roncagliolo.

The seminar, which led Emperor Talca, Horacio Valenzuela, was the apostolic administrator of Rancagua, Fernando Ramos, who maintains the post of secretary general of the episcopate.

The appointment of Ramos is not accidental: he was the rector of the Pontifical Seminary in 2007-2014.

Responsibility is also borne by the administrative committee: the community of San Felipe, Cristin Contreras Molina, left the position of Bishop Iquique, Guillermo Vera.

In a mixed commission in connection with the Conference of Religious and Sisters in Chile (Conferre), the bishop of Ancud, Juan Mara Agurto, replaced the Emperor Rancagua, Alejandro Goica.

Finally, in the case of a pastoral commission, given that Rebolledo left the presidency, Archbishop Antofagasty, Ignacio Ducasse, took office.

Today there will be a press conference with the conclusions of the plenary assembly at Lo Caas.

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