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Telethon aims to include more technologies in tele-rehabilitation

Innovaton 2018 is trying to discover innovations that help to configure virtual services 2.0

Fundación Teletón has a dream: the construction of a future hospital for telecommunications, which will allow them to expand the scope of their ongoing distance insurance programs: "Telethon in your Commune" and "Telethon in your home".

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"The idea is that our processes, the reception, the contact with the users, the therapies, what we do today face-to-face, will do it in a predominantly virtual context," commented the Head of Telereón Teletón, Rodrigo Cubilos, in the framework of the next Telethon to be held on November 30 and December 1.

"Telethon in your House" is trying to improve the skills and training for rehabilitating caregivers, parents and families through educational content and programs. The goal this year is to expand the supply of tablets to 380 distributed in 14 institutes and to close the year with more than 18,000 attention.

Virtual Hospital

To bring this dream closer, Innovatos 2018, convened together with Clare Chile, held this weekend, focused on finding technologies to move to a more robust 2.0 platform that helps to enhance and expand attention, such as activating voice monitoring, movement of the body and sensors of students.

This is the first phase of what will be the Telebuilding Hospital in the future.

This project seeks to reach patients through web platforms and applications that can be accessed from devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and computers connected to the Internet.

In this way, multidisciplinary professionals can provide remote care, which will benefit families living in areas far beyond the rehabilitation institutions, supplementing the "Téléton in your home" program.

"This is one of the basics of Telethon as a strategy for the coming years, thinking that we have a population with growing needs and as an institution we achieve a certain level of growth among professionals and in the physical institutes. This is the way to go further and provide more continuous attention through technology. "

Kubilos summed up the importance of these achievements in the present and future of the institution. "For most people, technology makes things easier, but for people with special needs, technology makes things necessary for them."

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