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Telethon 2018: program block by block

For these 40 years he celebrates Telethon, it's planned an excellent television show for motivating and entertaining the public over the course of 27 hours that this solidarity crusade lasts.

On this occasion, it is divided programming in 6 blocks, where different television people will have their moment for co-animation.

Within what is emerging in 2018, there are new segments such as "gamertón", "radiotón" and "madrugatón", in addition to presentations of artists like Becky G, Leslie Grace, David Bisbal, Gente de Zone, Kpop group from W24, Camilla Gallardo and Los Jaivas, among others.

Next, check the complete program Telethon 2018:


Block 1: "Overture" (22:00 – 02:00 hours)

The program will start with time travel showing the history of Telethon. In this block you will remember the beginnings of this campaign with all its protagonists.

In addition, the "Fiesta de Chile" from the Plaza de la Independencia de Concepción, on which they will participate Augusto Schuster, the creator of the anthem this year, "My Gift". In this same line, there will also be special coverage from Rapa Nui with journalist Soledad Oneto.

The person in charge of opening the night of the party will be Daniel "Bombo" Fika, Raphael and Luciano Pereira.

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Block 2 "La Madrugatón" (02:00 – 07:00 am)

These are the hardest hours to keep Chileans awake, for which a a segment of humor and family entertainment, which will replace the already eliminated vedetón.

The stationary comedy and the segment "I want to be" will lead this schedule where they will participate Maria Elena Sweet as a singer "Amy Winehouse"and journalists Carolina Urheholla, Constanta Santa Maria and Montserrat Álvarez, as a group of "Pandora", among many other artists, politicians and animators.

Block 3 "Get Dad" (07:00 – 12:00)

The morning will start with "Breakfast in Chile" from different parts of the country. Mario Kreuzberger he will move to Penaflor to motivate the Chileans breakfast in Chile.

Then start with "Children's Morning", a classic of all time. From the Caupolicán Theater and thoughts of the family, it will be presented "Cachureos", "Cantando Aprendo Habla", "Circo de Pastelito", the Colombian duo Cali and Dundee and Spanish Adexe and Nau.

Block 4 "La Gamerton" (12:00 – 16:00 hours)

It's a great innovation for this year. In this new block footballers, journalists and artists will play online FIFA and they will confront each other in Dance danced with Just Dance. In addition, the Kpop phenomenon will be presented "W24 ".

To conclude this segment "Radioton" with successes from yesterday and today.

Block 5 "Chile is over" (4:00 to 9:00)

In this block, will review the touching stories about people who have been rehabilitated and who want to continue to motivate the Chileans.

In the meantime, Julian Elfenbein and his team will prepare a special Pasapalabra about 40 years of Telethon.

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Block 6 national stadium, "La Fiesta de Chile" (22:00 – 01:00 hours)

The grand closing event will be held at National Stadium, where they will present the great artists as Luciano Pereira, People from the zone, David Bisbal, Emanuel, Kali and Dundee, Becky G, Leslie Grace, Paulina Rubio, Pepe Aguilar, W24, Adex and Nau and Raphael.

Inside national artists invited during the entire television show they are Mario Guerrero, Andrea Tessa, Denis Rosenthal, Pancho Sazo, Consuelo Schuster, Ginet Acevedo, Gloria Simometti, Juan Carlos Duque, Tommy Ray, Leo Ray, Jordan, Canela and Halloween, Turtle Combo, Living 5, Chumbekes, Camilla Gallardo, Javiera Mena, Jaivas, Maria Colores, el Tim McCann, Tim Red, Karen Forcano and Ricardo Vega (dancers who delighted Jennifer Lopez), Buddy Richard and Andres de Leon, among many others.

As for the animators who will join "Don Francisco", he will be Tonka Tomicic, Martin Karkamo, Diana Boloko, Cecilia Boloko, Carolina De Moras, Raphael Araneda, Karen Doggenweiler, Katy Salosny, Christian Sanchez, José Miguel Viñuela, Luo Jara, Carla Constant, Julian Elfenbein, Amaro Gomez Pablo, Jean Philip Creton, Julia Viall, Alejandra Vale, Catalina Edwards and Gustavo Huerta, among others.

In both regions there will be other people who will encourage the public in these marathon days. Maria Luisa Godoy and Eduardo Fuentes will be in Concept, Scarlet Cordenas in Punta Arenas, Caesar Campos in Puerto Montt, Caroline Escobar in Chile, Paul Ramirez in Arica, Gonzalo Ramirez in Antofagasta and Fernando Solabarrieta in La Serena.

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