Saturday , April 17 2021

Tatton and lesbianism of Camilla Rekaberen: "My dear is from the heart"

He stressed that he already knew what was happening.

Alberto Pugarra, better known as Taton, was one of the most impressive couples Camilla Rekaberen because they were together when she was Miss Chile and also because of the big difference they have.

Therefore, the businessman was invited to "Not blame the night" to discuss the relationship of the model with Dana Hermosila.

"Nothing happened to me because I already knew that … I met Camila when she worked at one of my clubs around 2008-2009, and once told me she received a scholarship to study with Valparaiso with a basketball partner. And in a conversation, I asked her why she turned and said, "If I stay there, I will end up being a lesbian." And that was there "said Taton.

Then he said he was glad "in the heart" for the weight Camilla took off "Because, deep within oneself, the culprit of all this is the retrograde society we live in. I believe that the great problem our young people live with is that we fathers do not want to accept our children as they are, and we should accept them and to love them as much as possible. "

He also took the time to tell a story when he felt uncomfortable. "A woman appeared in our apartment and looked ugly as a rival, and at the end I knew that this person was the same person that Kamila had left for Valparaiso."

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