Thursday , May 6 2021

Sylvester Stallone said goodbye to Rocky with a video

Through Instagram, Sylvester Stallone he announced his retirement as Rocky Balboa, the role that has given him three Oscar nominations, including one for best screenplay and will play for the last time in the sequel Version 2.

"I just want to thank everyone around the world who took the Rocky family in their hearts for the past 40 years. My greatest honor was to be able to create and interpret this important character," he explained in the video's description. "Although my heart has broken, unfortunately everything has to happen … and it's over. I love you all kind and generous people, and the most beautiful thing from everything, Rocky will never die while he lives with you," he added.

In the video in question, Stallone said Creed 2 "is probably my last rodeo" and explained that he initially thought that Rocky's story was finished with the 2006 film. However, he noted that he was given the opportunity to change the story, go to a new generation, and face new problems.

"I could not be happier, because although a step back, no matter how my story is told, there is a whole new world that will open up for the audience and for this generation," he said.

He also thanked the actor Michael B. Jordan, starring Adonis Crid, and stressed that he will now be responsible for continuing with the mantle of the most popular and symbolic saga for boxing films in history.

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