Wednesday , May 12 2021

Sugar, drugs, and lack of education influence the development of cavities

In order to consume sweetened drinks and drugs for chronic illnesses, despite the lack of dental education and dental care, are the main risk factors for the development of dental caries, a specialist for Efe said yesterday.

Laura Maria Dias Guzman, president of the Mexican Dental Association (ADM), explained that people are rarely aware of the importance of caring for their oral health, because it is estimated that only 25% of the world's population has education in this regard.

"The mouth is part of the whole body, we can not think that only teeth are being treated, but the mouth is part of a whole and if the individual gets sick, it will shake in the mouth," said a specialist.

During the forum "Diet, the Lack of Connection in Dental Caries Prevention," Diaz Guzman said that especially people with chronic diseases do not take into account that they have to be careful with their teeth to avoid losing prematurely.

"The use of drugs affects teeth, people who are treated with metabolic and nutritional diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, immune and genetic, should pay special attention in this area," he said.

In addition, those who use drugs against depression, anxiety, anorexia or bulimia, or who have addiction or liver disease. They are also prone to suffer from oral diseases.

"The problem is that we are not educated as doctors or as patients to pay attention to the mouth, and it is necessary not to lose our teeth; in fact, we all need to reach an advanced age with all our teeth," he explained.

He argues that more emphasis should be given to patients with medical problems because the population ages and increases the number of people who will have chronic illnesses.

The specialist said that the first teeth should be oral hygiene with the help of parents; However, there is still a lack of education about it.

"You need to educate your pregnant mother so that when children are born, she knows she is responsible for the oral health of children and until they grow," she said.

He said another important point is food, which currently privileges the consumption of high-sugar products. "It not only affects problems like overweight and obesity, but also in the appearance of oral diseases, mainly caries," he said.

Dr Alejandro Carendas, vice president of the College of Internal Medicine of Mexico, also stressed the importance of nutrition, which "is a fundamental axis of human development".

He told Efe that he must understand that the project of feeding in life "will present us as healthy or sick people".

He explained that education in food is essential to prevent people from being affected by their health.

"The responsibility is from the mother, if the mother is obese or insufficient, her childhood generations will have diabetes or tend to develop cardiovascular disease or be obese," she said.

He explained that if you start to become aware of society, in some decades the picture may change. "If we work in new generations, we will have fewer diabetics, more money for social and educational programs and we will spend less in tertiary hospitals and intensive therapies," he said.

Finally, Dr. Diaz Guzman recommended limiting the consumption of sugars, using a toothbrush three times a day and a dental floss, and going to the dentist every six months.

Carias is a dental disease with the highest prevalence in Mexico, as it affects 95% of the population aged between 20 and 64 years.

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