Monday , January 25 2021

Start LG Styler Mexico, price and features

LG unveiled a gadget in Mexico that won the CES Innovation 2016, Styler, a kind of electronic wardrobe that uses a steamer for clothing care.

The design of this device is designed to fit into the tightest places in the home, either as a closet or as an accessory in the main room of the department.

The gadget is 50 centimeters wide and just over one meter and a half high, and the noise level is 40dB (slightly less than the domestic fan).

Outside, Styler features a superb mirror like a hiding finish, behind its single door, several dedicated spaces for different garments.

LG says that Styler is an innovative and effective way to take care of the clothing because it uses the advantage of the Smart Inverter compressor with a decade warranty, which uses steam technology to disinfect and refresh various types of clothing, among other things.


It is worth mentioning that this device does not wipe the clothes, but keep it in better conditions.

Styler also dries clothes at low temperatures, so you can again use the same afternoon in the event of a slight rainfall or to remove the aroma of purine food or hair in one of three stages: 20 minutes, forty minutes or one hour, depending on the clothes.

LG's proposal also promises to eliminate wrinkles in clothing or even disinfect cycling helmets or stuffed animals.

If you add aromatic wipes in the refreshments process, a pleasant smell can be left, while the Mobile Hook softly shakes the side-by-side side up to 180 times per minute to maintain and cool the low-emission steam .

In the case of pants with knee marks and waist, Styler also removes them to some extent.


A South Korean firm promises that its system also eliminates 99.9 percent of the bacteria and bacteria found in clothing, which is useful for people suffering from allergies.

This device also frees itself from moisture and dries clothes based on hot air emission.

LG says their device also has reduced electricity costs and that all of its features can be controlled from a mobile device compatible with Google Assistant, as it has SmartThingQ (LG owns) support.

Yes, LG Styler is sold in Mexico at prices ranging from 35,000 to 48,000 pesos, depending on the store and the version (there are two) of the device.

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