Friday , May 7 2021

Spotify will test the ability to upload custom MP3s to your account

More than any of us happened that we remember a song we did not hear long ago and that we are stored as MP3, but when we search for it in our music service streaming We are disappointed to see that it is not available.

Currently music services from streaming Apple Music, Google Music and Deezer give us the opportunity to send our MP3 files to our account and synchronize with our other devices. However, the most popular service at all – Spotify – does not allow this.

But it seems that this seems to indicate that this will change very quickly because they have discovered a secret in the application of Spotify for Android, which reveals the possibility of placing our MP3 files on our account, as you can see in the following images from the picture:

As you can see in the above images, the interface looks pretty advanced, so maybe this new and expected feature could be very close to publishing for all users on the successful platform.

That if Spotify will be different from the competition, offering the possibility of placing MP3 directly from the smartphone, because at least Apple Music and Deezer platforms allow it only in their desktop applications.

We do not currently know the date on which this new feature can be announced and which platforms will be available.

With information from the Android Police

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