Friday , April 16 2021

"Spiderman: Far From Home": Does Mystero Co-operate with Spider-Man? A new photo of the shooting revealed. | Far from home Spiderman | Spiderman | Comics

Marvel Studios He still has a tape ready for 2019. Avengers: Endgame he simply closed the story for a few characters, but, according to Kevin Fage, Spiderman: Far from home it will be the real end to Phase 3 of the UCM. This movie will hit theaters in just a few weeks.

Tom Holland will again play the Arachid hero in a joint production between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. Although all the attention is focused on this Endgame, promotions on the tape do not stop.

Just a few days ago we shared the official posters of Misterio and two new suits on Spider-Man. Well, now he discovered the first look at the shooting. Weekly Fun He shares an exclusive photo in which you can see the heroes handling the villain.

It is strange that this brutal character from the comic has become an obvious ally according to first trailer and this photo. Is it possible? Marvel Do you give yourself up to your story?

To find out the truth we will have to wait until July 5th for the official premiere in Peru. With this tape all Marvel's plays in the cinema will be completed for some time.



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