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Sophia Loren returns to the cinema with Netflix: This is what she looks like at the age of 86

After a decade away from the screens, the Italian actress Sophia Loren He returned to the cinema with Netflix, under the direction of his son and with Musical background by Laura Pausini. A powerful story brought back this legendary diva at the age of 86.

“Life Ahead” It is available on the streaming platform from Friday, November 13. The tape is in charge of Edoardo Ponti and tells the story of a boy emigrating from Senegal and his meeting with Madame Rosa, Holocaust survivor caring for children of prostitutes.

Ibrahim Guye plays 12-year-old Momo, a street boy who stole Madame Rosa and later ended up under her protection. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Romain Gary and its main theme is played by Laura Pausini.

Sophia Loren is flirting with the Oscars

Experts say that this performance of Sophia Loren can put her in the race for an Oscar, an award she has won twice. In 1961 for his performance in “Dos Mujeres” and in 1991 an honorary Oscar for his career.

Who magazine reports in detail that the story of Madame Rose and Momo has already been made into a film and that it then starred French actress Simone Signoret, who won the 1977 Oscar for her performance.

Fans of the acclaimed star of “Italian Marriage” are looking forward to her return. On social media, they expressed their emotions and admiration for the Italian diva who started her career 70 years ago, in 1950, as an actress in a weekly photon novel.

“The best Italian actress and the best Italian singer in the same project. Of course, the result can only be a masterpiece “;” Sofia is the undisputed queen, an icon who never tires despite decades of career and generational change “;” “The great return of the best Italian actress of all time,” they commented.

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