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Sony Xperia XZ3, reviews and analysis after 30 days use

Xperia XZ2 said it could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. With the Sony Xperia XZ3 we have the extension of the design, the terminal is diluted and OLED technology for the screen. The Japanese manufacturer is not a friend of hasty changes, and this is obviously lacking in a dual camera or lack of a "notch." But, as we have seen in the analysis, aspects such as the camera are finally closer to what the manufacturer of the best sensors in the market expects.

We passed one month with the Sony Xperia XZ3 and here we tell you our experience. Does the change to the OLED screen really compensate? Do we have enough power with 4GB of RAM and Snapdragon 845? Do we miss a second sensor in the back camera? We will try to answer these questions and consider whether Sony's latest smartphone is up to the rest of the leading years of the year.

Symmetrical, curved and attractive design

After years of betting on Omnibalance, Sony gave the anticipated 18: 9 lane jumps with smaller frames. The new ambient flow design leave the rear straight lines and accept the bend as one of its landmarks. In the market where the tendency is to go towards full-screen designs, a change was expected. However, the XZ2 had an obvious problem: its thickness. With the Sony Xperia XZ3 fortunately, the design is refined and we have a device with dimensions closer to the usual in the high range.

Even though it's not in front of a lightweight phone, the Sony Xperia XZ3 is handy. And this precisely this curve that helps to hold it easier. We do not think its size is a disadvantage and with this Xperia XZ3 we finally have a balanced terminal. This year, many brands have taken a step forward in optimizing the frames with the "notch", but Sony, as it was traditional, decided to go a little bit. This has its advantages, and that is that we have symmetrical design and that it will practically convince all users. We tried other phones with a more compact design, but few are so beautiful that they can be seen as the Xperia XZ3.

Sony Xperia X3

The crystal is the main element. The touch offers a great feeling and we have been quiet this month due to the inclusion of Gorilla Glass 5. Even though he was wearing it all the time without a case and is quite slippery, there is only a small start at the top. When we leave the mobile device on a flat surface, it moves on its own and at this moment there is room for improvement for Sony. Another point where Xperia XZ3 can be improved is in the oleophobic layer. All crystal mobile phones are usually simply impregnated with fingerprints, but in some models it is less noticeable than in this one. Fortunately, the back camera is well resisting the fingerprints and can not easily spot spots, although we put the finger there.

Sony Xperia XZ3 is a mobile that feels great at hand. It is diluted, the crystal offers a great feeling and curvature relieves the bulk. It is slippery and the reader is not ideal, but the final result is quite convincing.

The curl is also present on the front. Sony decided to turn on the OLED panel with 3D curved glass so much on the sides as the top. The pronunciation is very small and does not bother the vision, but it contributes plus when it comes to grabbing the terminal. Above the table is a little spinning, but when the curvature is reduced, it does not bother as much as it is in the previous models.

Ambient screen

As usual, the Xperia XZ3 is water resistant. We will not have to worry if our hands are wet or we use them in the rain. Of course, USB ports must be completely dry before charging and all lids must be closed. The top cover is the one that attracted our attention most. The Xperia XZ3 has the upper slot nanoSIM and microSD. Its mechanism also has the advantage and disadvantage. The good part is that we do not need a typical accessory to get the SIM card, which is great for those of us who have several phones. The negative part is that when you open that cover, the mobile phone is updated mandatory.

Fingerprint reader

What is my experience with the Sony fingerprint sensor? As usual, the Japanese manufacturer can not find the key in the reader's position. We had it on the side for some time, and in the last Xperia we have it in the back, but centered, a few centimeters below the usual position. The first days have always failed, but after a week you will get used to it. It's not a natural position. When you hold the mobile, your finger is up, but the movement simply goes down. In my case, having smaller hands does not seem so unnatural. I'm surprised that when I return to my personal cell, pixel 2 XL, my finger goes to a lower position. On The Xperia XZ3 managed to change the unconscious space for unlocking in these weeks.

On the contrary, the face recognition of the Xperia XZ3 is very basic. The front sensor takes enough light and is quick, but is behind what is seen on other phones.

Sony shapes its design and with the Xperia XZ3 we believe it has reached an important point of maturity. There are always points for improvement, but according to our experience, the design is worth the expectation for the flagship.

Excellent multimedia experience that gives a new OLED jump

Sony Xperia display

The main novelty of the Sony Xperia XZ3 is its dedication to the OLED screen and we believe it is a success. The change is undoubtedly good because the experience offered is at a very high level. We have excellent sharpness, HDR compatibility and perfect contrast. The maximum brightness is quite high and also does not suffer especially when we look away.

The roundness produces a rare reflection and the automatic brightness is not very good, but the OLED panel used is at the highest level, and the result gives satisfaction.

The side curve causes the contents to disappear the side edges. We just appreciate it slight reflection on the edge, but the front is not a nuisance. The truth is that watching Xperia XZ3 videos is very nice. I am a supporter of larger panels, but visually I enjoyed these weeks with him a lot.

Sony allows us to choose the shadow and the range of colors on the screen. In my case, I feel more comfortable with the Triluminos standard, because the professional regime, although more realistic, gives us a little muted tones for navigation or visiting social networks. I can not talk about super vivid, because it seemed so artificial that I did not try it straight. Normally I do not use Netflix on my mobile because of its limitations, but some chapters have fallen and confirmed my opinion on the screen: one of the best panels I've tried this year.

Sony Xperia Netflix

Regarding brightness, the maximum level is quite high, even though it is not an IPS panel. Even so, here we usually decided on the manual ever since automatic brightness plays some tricks. Downloading more than the account and incorrect detection at the most appropriate level. Nevertheless, the glass does not generate almost any reflections, so we had good outdoor experience.

Adding an OLED panel to your flagship has an added advantage and is incorporating screen of the environment. Sony gives us great opportunities, we add photos, display notifications, stickers or change the look of the clock. We appreciate this type of small accessories that do not interfere with everyday experience, but do not allow us to adjust the mobile phone to our liking. In my case, I prefer a minimalist screen, but Sony adds this new option and does it with interesting settings.

Why should we say that the Sony Xperia XZ3 is a good mobile for multimedia playback? Basically, because besides offering a great panel, complements it with great sound at your height.

Stereo speakers may not be the most powerful, but their loyalty seemed very good. We do not have a 3.5mm jack, but if there's a manufacturer who convinces us to leave it, it's exactly Sony with Bluetooth headphones as well as the WH-1000XM3. Among the added features of this Xperia XZ3 is dynamic vibration depending on the sound, although this special setting is not found too convincing.

Exceptional in performance, although it is correct only in autonomy

Use Xperia

At the level of fluidity and performance, the Sony Xperia XZ3 has nothing to envy about virtually no cell phone. It's true that there's only 4GB of RAM, but unless we're going to perform very intense multitasking is not a problem. The Sony Adjustment Layer is very easy and we have a experience similar to stock, both in appearance and performance.

As a regular user of pure Android, I notice that Pixel is one point ahead, but the Xperia XZ3, Android 9 Pie and Snapdragon 845 are beautiful. During these last days, I also had another powerful smartphone with twice RAM, and without hesitation, I preferred to opt for Sony when I took it in the afternoon.

One point that I would like to find in Xperia and Sony has remained conservative in the repository. Of only 64GB we have 47GB free, enough, but not desirable. We do not have many pre-installed applications, and some as a video application or 3D Creator are curious, but with the Xperia Lounge we are not very happy. It is a nest of advertising that sends us notifications from time to time, although from time to time we see, we did not find anything that attracted our attention.

Another small detail of unpleasant software is the application drawer. Works as a Google-born and we can order applications as we like, but in the left area we have a search engine with sponsored apps that offend the experience. Also missing is that installed applications go directly to the desktop. I never thought I'd miss it, but that's it. Yes, some options such as one-handed gestures are appreciated, although in the case of the lateral fast access sensor, I have not gotten used to it.

4GB of RAM is enough for us, although we miss the 128GB option. The performance is great and the phone does not heat up. The software is also very clean, although Sony celebrates with some accessories that do not bring us much.


The performance of the Xperia XZ3 will convince most. All games are fluids and the feeling is great. We did not notice that it was hot. But we do not have such a good result in autonomy, where there is something right for the high end.

Larger terminals usually contain a larger battery. In the case of the Xperia XZ2, we are better compared to the previous generation, but in autonomy we are still fairly fair. 3.300 mAh provide intensive use one day, but arrives at the end of the day demanding time. It fits well and we get almost five hours of time on the screen, but it's not one of those mobile phones you're leaving, knowing that you'll put it with what you do.

Saving modes are useful and we have compatibility with Qi wireless charging. But again this part of the battery is a little loose due to the lack of quick charging. Accustomed to new technologies, Sony and its almost 3 hours to finish leaving us something cool. Repeat Model: The Sony Xperia XZ3 is a great mobile and very well built, but it's notable that the Japanese manufacturer does not run investment in research and development for mobile devices. And that in the high range is noticeable.

Sony is close, but it's not at the top of the best mobile cameras

Xperia Xz3 Camera

Two eyes see more than one. Unlike the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, the Xperia XZ3 maintains its commitment to the unique rear camera. We would not be surprised if in the future Xperia manufacturer decided to incorporate this second lens, but for now we do not have it. With this, as my partner Javier said in the analysis, Sony's photographic part is improving significantly.

On The Sony Xperia XZ3's rear camera is high. It does not get the details of Pixel or has many features like Huawei, but it is a camera that is worthy of the flagship of 2018.

Sony's camera application is correct. Menus are simple and exceptions for options like HDR hidden in manual mode, the rest is easy to use. Yes, we noticed a bug, although nothing happens in many other models. However, the happiest addition is physical button for the camera. It is different, its position is correct, it is simple and useful in many cases. Without breaking the minimal design, this button is a small, specific touch.

19 megapixels with Exmor RS Tri-stack home sensor with 1.22μm pixel. Camera that we already had in the previous Xperia and timedly improved with the processing of BIONZ. The result? In the right direction

Dsc 0294

Daily photos are great. The dynamic range is good very successful colors and details are high. In the review of photography, this detail is not appreciated so much, but once we go to the gallery, the picture is very accurate.

The focus is not fast, here you would like the Xperia XZ3 to offer something better. In some cases, we took non-focused photos when they were also defined in other leaders.


There is recognition of scenes as "lighting" or "nighttime". We do not have a full night mode, but the camera saves the situation pretty well. The Sony Xperia XZ3 has a convincing enough camera at night, offering vivid tones and pretty details even in nightly pictures. We also have a manual mode that allows us to play with ISO and we can define the image in those more difficult scenes.

Dsc 0324
photo 2

Type of taken photos there is a tendency of lack of exposure. The HDR mode is virtually non-existent and there are no major changes between its application and its retention. The gradient of tonalities is very accurate, but it achieves this by not so much increasing the picture brightness and causing a chiaroscuros disorder than you want.

Dsc 0212

Among the settings I find interesting is predictive photography, which makes several images and keeps one. It's not that we have a lot of space, but it's useful to get a better shot. We also have increased real modes, Google lens, filters and photos with sound. They are unusual additions, but in each cell we can achieve similar effects by downloading third-party applications.


In portrait mode is where you will notice a defect in a second camera. To achieve the popular side effect, two photographs are taken, focusing on two different areas. The result can be modified depending on the intensity, but the accuracy is not up to par. Many areas are cut, the areas are not properly identified, and we do not have a solution, even if they offer a good portrait by AI. Or next year, they make the jump on the second camera outside of the Premium model or they need to improve their processing a lot.


Regarding the front camera, Sony Xperia XZ3 is surprising for good. The resulting self-replicas are full of detail, the colors are good and the dynamic range is great. Even in dark scenes, the front camera does not suffer so much. Surprise, because normally in this section, cameras tend to go down.

Selfie Photo

On Video recording is another of your strengths. Stabilization is good, we have the ability to record up to 4K HDR and the focus, although a little random, is also correct. Besides that, Highlights good sound recording. Mobile for concerts. As for the super-slow camera, the Xperia XZ3 allows us to up to 960 fps in 1080p. He is the only one who does it, although this is not a differential fact. Control is a bit heavy and you have to guess right, but it allows you to make curious videos.

With Sony Xperia XZ3 I have photos that I love both nights and days, the results are very convincing. From the portrait mode it's better not to mention the approach could be something faster, but it's a camera that does not go very far from the top 5. The competition this year is very flat and although Sony still does not take a real leap, the Xperia XZ3 Camera It is quite dignified.

A month with the Sony Xperia XZ3

Photo of Sony

I'm pretty happy with the Sony Xperia XZ3. It is one of those mobiles that analysts later find difficult to return. It's a very manageable smartphone with superb design. Curvature makes it very easy and the size is correct. I got used to larger phones, but for most users, six inches is ideal.

Sony has diluted enough mobile to be comfortable and although lacking better SEO, it's a nice and convincing design. Without a "notch," with an attractive curvature and a great sensation in hand. It's kind of slippery and not as unique as the previous design, but Sony Xperia XZ3 feels great in hand. I even got used to my smaller fingerprint reader, although the latter is probably because my hands are smaller.

Промената на OLED екранот е она што Sony треба да се бори во high-end. Мултимедијалниот дел од Sony е негова силна точка и со новиот панел тие продолжуваат да ја бранат својата позиција. Ако го додадеме тоа одличен звук, имаме мобилен телефон во кој завршивме репродукција на повеќе содржини отколку што мислевме. Претставата е исто така многу добра и е Штета што нешто само автономија. Точен, но не убедлив. И токму овие мали поенти кои честопати предизвикуваат рамнотежата да се decant кон една или друга страна.

Sony оди во темпо, но со Xperia XZ3 тие имаат солиден производ на рака и нуди одлично искуство. OLED екранот е одличен, звукот е многу добар, камерата е подобрена и софтверот пренесува флуентност. Тоа не е најновиот high-end опсег, но веројатно е најкомплетниот и избалансиран Sony мобилен телефон од последниве години.

Во фотографскиот дел се направи чекор напред, со многу убедливи резултати во некои моменти и одлично видео, но со детали кои се уште треба да се подобрат како брзина на фокус, недоволна експозиција или портретен режим. Sony останува како што се очекуваше за high-end од 2018 година, но сепак не го прави голем скок што му овозможува да се бори за да биде најдобра камера на пазарот.

Ако Sony Xperia XZ2 беше верзија 1.0, со овој XZ3 тоа што велат дека во технологијата е втората генерација добра, е исполнето. Оваа 2018 година донесе многу промени во мобилниот сектор на повисоки позиции и можеби поради таа причина Sony и неговата конзервативна филозофија беа добри да останат во она што работи. Терминал кој достигнува ниво на зрелост и доволно рамнотежа, така што следната година тие можат да одлучат да ризикуваат нешто друго. Тоа не е најновото или има најдобар квалитет / цена, но мислам дека со текот на годините ќе го видиме овој Xperia XZ3 како успех. Штета што треба да остане во френетичниот свет на мобилната технологија мора да се забрза повеќе.

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