Wednesday , April 21 2021

Sony announces that Playstation 5 will not be ready to be presented this year 2019

Playstation 5 will have to wait for a full year according to Sony because it estimates that the ideal date to present it should be during 2020.

Sony revealed to the international press that it was her next console PlayStation 5 it will take up to another year to be represented. It seems that the company is still fine-tuning latest details before selling the spectacular console.

The launch will be only for a year more or even longer, because according to specialists' estimates, Sony would like to present the console during the northern autumn of 2020.

In addition, the summer next year will not be a good date for this, because at that time it's ideal that consoles are already available on the market because it's a time when most units are sold.

Sony announces that Playstation 5 will not be ready to be presented this year 2019

Playstation 5 and delay

Ideal date for presentation of the new and expected console Sony Computer Entertainment It will be during the fair E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) next year 2020, because here it will fit with the beginning of the summer, the date on which the experts will go, the biggest sale of the new gaming platform.

Recall that just a few weeks ago, the Japanese company revealed some of the specifications that would bring the new and expected renewal of its game console. This will allow 8K graphics, 3D audio, SSD storage, 8 cores with microarchitecture 7nm and a solid state hard drive.

Storage of the CPU and SSD will be one of the biggest improvements compared to its current console Playstation 4. In addition, it is expected that Microsoft will use similar specifications for the next Xbox , which will allegedly be on behalf of "Anaconda".

Finally, the company in turn revealed the amount of sales that they registered with their current console, which reached the figure of 96.8 million from units in the world, hoping to soon arrive at the milestone proposed by Sony itself, which was 100 million euros, which according to them this year they will achieve this.

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