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Solomon presents himself at WWE 2018 Awards is a new edition of WWE Awards, where we make a general estimate for the best of the year divided by categories. On this occasion, we wanted to give more emphasis to the personal opinion of our specialists, despite the fact that we continued to consider the opinion of our readers. The WWE Awards were managed by Sebastian Martinez, with the help of the writing team. Concerning the decision to point out the winners, we took into account all possible factors: those that are part of the ciphers and those that are part of the personal perception, as well as the use of statistical data. Without further delay, I leave you with the WWE 2018 Awards.

Best Female Star WWE (Staff Award)

For the first time in the history of WWE, women play an important role from men and this was done in the last months of 2018, where the company made its female stars in the spotlight. Although there are 3 or 4 fighters who could take the first place, Ronda Rusi is the most important superstar of the year, the one that was in the best fight, the one that was the longest time in the spotlight, and the one that made it the biggest claim of the company international level. Becky Lynch is the dominant woman in this final phase of the year, but she failed to stand by until September. Charlotte Fleur is in all the best matches of the year; She managed to defend her WrestleMania title against Asuka, which ended the lineup of the Japanese wrestler, and she participated in the Evolution series, the Survivor Series and TLC, three of the best in the year. The decision was not easy, but Ronda Rusi must take the award.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch (SmackDown)

He is the best superstar of the WWE in 2018 in recent months, but his first half of the year was not so bright.


Charlotte Fleur

Charlotte Fleur (SmackDown)

She is in all the best women's games since 2018 and is the longest-running champion in SmackDown *.


Ronda Rousseau

Ronda Rousseau (RAW)

He plays in stories more importantly, he was the longest-running champion in raw materials, he had big battles and was the greatest media fighter.


Best Female WWE Superstar (Reader Award)

1 Becky Lynch: 65.66% of the vote
2. Ronda Ruzy: 17.52%
3. Charlotte Fleur: 13.04%

Best female star in 2017

1 Alexa Bliss: 42.37% of the vote
2. Charlotte Fleur: 28.71%
3. Asuka: 18.17%

Best Male WWE Superstar (Employee Award)

2018 was a very bad year for male WWE divisions that did not have good stories. On the ring, most stars look good, but do not know how to connect with the public. There was no fighter who stood above the rest, making this category very difficult to analyze. Many users claim the presence of Daniel Brian in this list, but the truth is that with him it happened as a majority; It's there, but it does not stand out. Your Door of the heel Open a new stage in his career and I'm sure that 2019 will be one of the best, no doubt. From my three finalists, for me, Seth Rollins was over the rest of his spirit; he is well connected with the public, is in the most interesting stories, has good reigns and has won the stars in the best competitions. AJ styles Yes, it has record governance, but that does not mean it's not boring, so much so that women took the helm of SmackDown Live. Roman rule was "man" the storyOf the year once again and could have been the winner of this edition, but his departure disables the first place due to his long absence.

Roman rule

Roman rule (harsh)

He is in the focus of Monday night Raw and is in star events until his departure.


Styles of AJ

AJ Styles (SmackDown)

He is champion champion, but his stories They have no emotions.


Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins (RAW)

He is the "war horse" from Monday night for most of the year, a good champion and leader in the ring.


Best Male WWE Superstar (Reader Award)

1 Styles of AJ: 50.37% of the vote
2. Seth Rollins: 33.19%
3. Roman rule: 8.78%

Best Male Star in 2017

1 Styles of AJ: 54.76% of the vote
2. Brown Strawman: 20.04%
3. Roman governance: 10.92%

WWE's Best Team Tag (Employee Award)

In this category I came across the same problem as in the category "Best Male Star of the Year". No one stood above the rest. We are witnessing great struggles, but on stories They were without caffeine. Brothers Bludgeon, B-Team and Deleters of Worlds brought us something different, but, with the exception of the first, the comic touch did not have a permanent fit and was diluted over time. For this reason, the teams like "New Day" and "Bar" felt superior and remained plenty even in internal voting, even taking into account Usos, who were in the majority of the main fights of the year, but who were unable to win the championship.

Brothers Bludge (Harper and Rowan)

They were the longest champions of the year and invincible to the injury of Rowan. In addition, his characters came to stumble into the division of couples.


The new day (Big E, Koffy Kingston and Xavier Woods)

They managed to become the longest living tag team in terms of combined championships, and they marked the best fighting in the year.


Bar (Cesaro and Seymus)

They are champions of Raw and SmackDown, they looked good when given the opportunity and continued to lead the division of couples.


Best mark in WWE (reward for readers) *

1 Law Office: 50.2% of the vote
2. Usage: 21.72%
3. New Day: 12.81%

The best Tag Team in 2017

1 Law Office: 41.47% of the vote
2. Usage: 34.6%
3. Shield (Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins): 9.5%

The Superstar that has improved the most in the WWE (cadre award)

I am pleased to announce the awards in this category, but I must say that WWE did a great job to improve some talents. It is true, it's a year to a large extent stories, but the overpowering stars that have improved will appear in the best stories in the coming years. In this list I could include Nia Jax, Ronda Ruzi, Buddy Murphy or Lio Rush, among others, but I decided for Carmela, Baron Corbin and Becky Lynch. Carmela last year received the Money in the Bank, but her status as "Diva" changed during the months, especially as a result of Evolution. And before that happened, she ruled for 131 days as a champion of SmackDown. Baron Corbin came across the most radical change. Probably, he's not as scary as before, but now he's one of Raw's greatest propagandists. However, if one stands out over the rest, as far as improvement is concerned, it's Becky Lynch, who passed away from the great forgotten spot of the WWE Universe. And not only did his character improve, but his fights are now much more consistent.

Roman rule

Carmella (SmackDown)

She was the champion of SmackDown for several months and went from being a despised girl to a star that the public wanted.


Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin (Raw)

His character suffered radical changes, which made him become one of the main figures of the Cruel.


Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch (SmackDown)

It has been improved in all aspects of its own Door of the heel and has become the best character of the moment.


Superstar, which has improved the most in the WWE (Reader Award) *

1 Becky Lynch: 47.51% of the vote
2. Ronda Ruzy: 39.25% **
3. Carmella: 39.25%

Superstar, which improved the most in 2017

1 Brown Strawman: 61.73% of the vote
2. Jinder Mahal: 12.21%
3. Neville: 11.58%

Best Fight of the Year at WWE (Employee Award)

Although WWE has a big problem with the stories, the duels are well resolved and I think that this year we have better bouts than in 2017, especially with the involvement of women in this part. The fight between Asuka and Charlotte Fleur in WrestleMania could have occupied the first place, because there was everything: the title in question, streak in play and huge quality. However, the fight between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Fleur had more depth due to the Transformation of the Irish and what this fight meant. Evolution was a remarkable event, and all of its protagonists were at a great level, but the atmosphere of the show completely changed with the presence of the two stars of SmackDown. On the other hand, I wanted to specifically mention the battle between Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre against Seth Rollins and dean Ambrose, held in hell in a cell, one of the undervalued fighting in the year that had an incredible pace.

Dolph Ziegler and Drew McIntyre (c) versus. Seth Rollins and dean Ambrose (hell in a cell)

It had incredible intensity and unexpected end.


Charlotte Fler vs. Asuka (WrestleMania 34)

Great fight with the title and streak in question.


Becky Lynch versus Charlotte Fleur (Evolution)

It was a bridge for the final transformation of the female division in World War II.


Best Fight of the Year at WWE (Reader Award) *

1 Becky Lynch versus Charlotte Fleur (Evolution): 40.79% of the vote
2. Gantle Match (Surov, February 19): 21.42%
3. AJ styles vs. Daniel Brian (SmackDown October 30): 10.05%

The best fight for the year 2017

1 AJ styles versus John Price (Royal Rumble): 36.27% of the vote
2. Brown Strawman versus Brock Lesnar versus Roman rule versus Samoa Joe (SummerSlam 2017): 17.27%
3. AJ styles versus Finn Ballor (TLC): 14.97%

The best event in the year at the WWE (Employee Award)

Surely this is the category that generates more controversy, but I think this exhibition is a surprise to the year. But, first of all, I must say that WWE has outstanding shows in 2018, very very stable shows, such as the Survivor series, TLC or money in the Bank. This positive trend has come down with a celebration of shows such as Super Show-Down or Crown Jewel. The hell in the cell was a cool show that caused the interest of many people – I know from the data I have -. He had wild fights, many interesting points, one of the best competitions of the year and a star event that showed Brock Lesnar's unexpected appearance. For me, Evolution was not an event of the year because there was a fight of the year, but it was a very protected show, where everything should be good in the eyes of the public, but most of the fights did not reach the significant and the set design was very poor WrestleMania there was not the best edition, but there were many interesting things, such as the debut of Ronda Ruzi, the return of Daniel Bryan to the ring, the great fight for the SmackDown Women's Championship and the main event, for which we were surprised by the learning outcome

WrestleMania 34

It was not the best WrestleMania in history, but it was quite fun.


WWE Evolution

A story full of emotions that had a great fight, but it was too shielded.


WWE hell in a cell

Great start, big bouts, good bends and a surprising end.


The best event of the year in the WWE (readership award) *

1 WWE Evolution: 39.58% of the vote
2. WrestleMania 34: 21.92%
3. Royal Wheels: 21.78%

The best WWE event in 2017

1 Wrestlemania 33: 35.01% of the votes
2. Samerslam: 18.16%
3. Elimination chamber: 17.61%

The most striking news in the WWE (Employee Award)

I do not want to turn this part into something easy and frightening, but the news of Roman rule is one of those that leave your body frozen. The return of Daniel Brian was something magical, but unclear, and that was because of the way WWE decided to sell the news. They could do it on the show and surprise him, or in the WWW. WWE used a conventional medium before explaining Daniel Brian in his own words and that he took away the magic he deserved. On the other hand, Roman rule was unexpected and frail news, so it is the most shocking. Bruno Sammartino is one of the greatest stars of all time, but his age and his recent hospital admission made the news not so surprising. Undoubtedly, it coincided with most readers, I remain with the news of the Roman rulers.

Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Sammartino is dying

On April 18, 2018 we were one of the largest at the age of 82.


Daniel Brian

Daniel Bryan is fired to compete again

The positive news for the year, no doubt. Not only was he giving joy, but also hope for many people.


Roman rule

Roman leaf leaves due to leukemia

It is the most negative news for the year, although it does not exclude the "Big Dog" can return to the WWE ring in the future.


Most shocking news in the WWE (Reader's Award) *

1 Roman rule announces his departure for leukemia: 75.58% of the vote
2. Daniel Brian receives medical layoffs: 15.14%
3. Sean Michaels Comes Out of Retirement / Page Announces Retirement in the World of Wrestling: 4.2% ***

The best moment of the WWE (Employee Award)

This year we decided to split the categories "The Best Moment" and "The Most Shocking News", perhaps because they were highlighted in 2018. Before all of them I was left with the spot of beating Lynch bleeding on top of Monday night's rugged pavilion after SmackDown attacked the red show, and Nia Jack left her with a punch. Lynch survived and continued her role, leaving us with an image that would come down in history to be wild as it touches. Particular mention is made of the confrontation between Batista and Triple X in the SmackDown 1000, which opened the doors for the final battle between the two. Regarding the third option, there was a large division of views, but we emphasize the exchange of Alex Bliss in money in the Bank for how well it was done.

Alex Bliss

Alex Blis bought the money in the Bank's bank note

Fresh and unexpected, though not for everyone. She expanded the agony of Ronda Rusi to be a champion, without losing her uncertain streak.



Kareo between Batista and Triple X in SmackDown 1000

The words, the reaction and the setting of Batista's Triple H promotion is a formula that WWE today needs to create great stories.


Becky Lynch

Beck Lynch will leave on Monday Some bleeding

Although the shot took her from the ring due to a violation at its best, the scene marked the definitive change to the new era of women in the WWE.


The Best Moment in the WWE (Reader Award)

1 Becky Lynch leaves poor bleeding through his nose (cruel November 12): 46.12% of the votes
2. Rey Mysterio makes his return to the Royal Rumble competition: 16.96%
3. Cario between Batista and Triple X in Smackdown 1000: 10.44%

The best time in the WWE in 2017

1 Returning Hardy Boys to Wrestlemania 33 (49,29%)
2. Undertaker retires at Wrestlemania (26.95%)
3. Kevin Owens leads the test of Vince McMahon (7.23%)

* Carmella is the longest-running champion of SmackDown in terms of showing during the 2018th year.

** Baron Corbin replaced Ronda Ruzy in our final list, but we did not change it in the poll, so readers could not vote for him.

*** Based on the votes.

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