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Social networks were not indifferent to the flirtation between Jan Ivin and Carola Corea


This chapter of Divada Cida's Saturday had many moments that were talked about, the "tricks" of the cooks Jan Ivin and Ennio Carrot, the lack of experience of Karol Koreya in the kitchen, the meeting of Daniela Castro with a spider, in addition to his cry for the departure of his puppies, anyway. But everyone was also very cautious about the constant comments between Korea and the French chef.

The most commented moment was when a host of Chilean cooks received their guests home. Here Yan entered the kitchen of Carola to help her serve her dishes: "She wants to be the owner of the house she looks (…) I loved my personal taste," was her immediate reaction.

For that she added: "I feel nervous with Yan" and before these repeated words, Daniela replied: "I do not know what is between Jan and Carola. They must always stay together, talk and have a minute where they communicate alone. I think there is something there. "

But the cook also showed his gifts to "galan" over the whole evening, announcing statements that left no one indifferent.

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New couple? Here's what's happening! #LaDivinaComida ???

– Chile (@chilevision) December 9, 2018

They left Jan with Carole alone? Mmmm as it came out x had a wave wave #LaDivinaComida

– Lucero Sonico (@UndercoverLuser) December 9, 2018

#LaDivinaComida Karolla is betrayed by gestures … she wants Jan, understandable to me also ?

– Maria Pas Ortega (@mariapaz_ortega) December 9, 2018

So Karol Korea sees Yan ? … Equally understandable, I will also see him like him, he is very handsome ?#LaDivinaComida

– black (@ negrilla29) December 9, 2018

If I was Carola Korea made to everyone and I'm alone with Jan … ? At this point we can not stay with the desire …#LaDivinaComida

– Alejandra ???✊ (@alessanova) December 9, 2018

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