Monday , August 2 2021

Servel sends fiscal data to politicians named in the audience

The request for information was made by the then Las Condes Prosecutor Roberto Contreras on August 28 to Raul Garcia, the national director of the Electoral Service (Servel).

The request was made in the case of a jogging machine, which examines the alleged money laundering, and also according to the report of the Economic Breege Commission (BRIDEK) from the PDP, the alleged criminal act fraud in the Treasury, traffic impacts, bribery, fraud, illegal funding of political campaigns and illegal association.

This, after PDP made six series telephone interceptions for the then leaders of the Operator Awards Program, manufacturers and importers of electronic games for recreational games (Fiden) in 2017. These audio footage, according to the background of the investigation, will reveal the alleged relationship of businessmen with the payment of patents to municipal authorities to install their gaming machines and persons associated with the political sphere to finance their campaigns.

"I request that you send to the Public Prosecutor the information you have about the following persons in relation to each electoral process in which you participated as candidates in the period from 2013 to 2017," the official letter number 1400 sent to Servel .

The list includes the names of Carlos Ernesto Soto Gonzalez (mayor of Rengo), Raul Umberto Soto Mardones (MP for the 15th district), Andrés Alfonso Giovannetto Valderrama (former candidate for MP for the 23rd district and former deputy (Former mayor of Santiago and La Florida), Erika Alejandra Olivera de la Fuente (MP for the 9th district) and Carlos Armando Tudela Aroca (former Ambassador of France), Nelson Teodoro Hadad Heresy (former candidate for Deputy MP in the 11th district) Chile in Singapore and lobbyist DK).

The document states that "the name of the electoral administrator appointed by the candidates in each election process, the one or bank accounts that have been notified by candidates for election purposes who submit the samples from the handover of the election account and copies of the resolutions of the service in which those accounts are In addition, he requests that he be informed of the amount of compensation payable to the candidates and the origin and number of contributions reserved for each candidate. From Servel informed that all this information is already over They were sent to the Public Ministry.

In parallel with this request for information, the prosecutor also provided Servel with the backbone of the investigation, including telephone tapping in which politicians are mentioned, in order for the service to respond whether to report a report on alleged illegal election campaigning. According to Seruel's sources, in mid-December they informed the prosecution that they would not file a complaint. The reason, they say, is because "the background they gave, like those of Searle, do not cause suspicion or indication of irregularity in the financing of these people." However, according to prosecutors, this answer has not yet reached them.

For Alberto Precht, Chile's Transparency Executive Director, "the origin information listed in the FOIA report is of absolute gravity, indicating that we could face illegal policy funding." to see whether it is necessary to appeal or appeal, so that this mechanism is activated. " B

Complaint against Zalaket

The board of directors of Frieden, an association that gathers the owners of the automata in the neighborhood, announced through a statement that they decided to sue Pablo Zalaket. "This board of directors and partners feel deeply deceived by Mr. Zalaquett because Fiden hired him as a communication consultant, but we do not know that he entered the business as a machine owner. This means we can not trust the reports which he has given us and we can also conclude that his actions may have tended to act in his favor, "the statement said.

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