Saturday , July 31 2021

Sernak will lead the producer of the disastrous New Year's party in the Movistar Arena

The consequences were more serious than expected, and neither the excuses presented with the statement did not serve the manufacturer Yellow house to reduce the profile of the incidents that were experienced during the catastrophic "One-Year-long" fun at the Movistar Arena.

That's because National Consumer Service decided to run the responsible company, after all the unrest caused by the sale of plastic cups without warning, the open bar plunder and the arrival of Carabineros with cars began with water at the O'Gygins Park.

Government received it more than 150 entertainment requests, inspired primarily by "Problems in the open bar promised that this was not fulfilled".

Given this scenario, Sernak "asked the manufacturer to report the security measures adopted, the initially offered conditions and the manner in which the affected consumers receive compensation if he does not fulfill his duty of professionalism ".

The idea is to clarify the manufacturer's responsibility with respect to these facts and to identify the possible actions that need to be taken to protect consumer rights. For this reason, no collective action is discarded in order to reach the courts on this issue.

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