Wednesday , November 25 2020

Sergeant accused of shooting teenagers from Senam in Talkhauno, complains against those responsible for ill-treatment of Carabineros

On Second Carabinieri Sergeant, Johnon Mograv, who is in a preventive prison, accused of illegally forcing two teenagers to shoot from the residence of Carlos Macera, a collaborator of the National Juvenile Service (Senam) in Talkhauno, has filed a lawsuit against “those responsible for the crime of harassing Carabineros’s work“For the injuries he presented after the events that took place at the place last Wednesday, November 18.

In the document presented on Talcahuano Court of Guarantee, the uniformed police officer recounts the events, as well as his defense at the formalization hearing, claiming to have been attacked and beaten by at least eight teenagers.

In addition, he pointed out that “the juveniles who attacked and assaulted me had or at all times knew about the work I was doing as a police officer, more it is the reason why I was attacked for no reason, provocation or reason, surpassing me numerically and loaded with blunt objects

The statement ends with a statement that “It is evident then that I have been injured and / or harassed in the performance of my duties as law enforcement officers and public security

Through legal proceedings he also requested A. a series of procedures including request a statement from the residence officials who were at the site, among others.

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