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Sensual dance by Lisandra, Gendelin, Monti and Antonella Rios with the Power Peralta Glamorama

Author: C. Z. / December 1, 2018

This year there was no Vedeton at Telethon, but a super sexy dance led by Power Peralta and a group of beautiful girls: Lysandra Silva, Gendelin Nunez, Antonella Rios, Rosio Tuscany and Monty Torrent-DIRECTORS OF ALL PHOTOS OF THEATER.

In the rhythm of classical pop Blood Dancing, Michael Jackson, the Peralta brothers showed impeccable movements and costumes.

At the same time, women left everything on the stage, very nice and at work where it was noticed that there was a dedication and a rehearsal.

Of course, attention was also given to Lysander and her boyfriend, Raul Peralta, who had several sensual approaches during choreography.

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