Sunday , April 18 2021

Senator Álvaro Elizalde suffered violent vehicle theft in Providencia

Violent robbery by intimidation of vehicles this on Wednesday night affected the president and the senator of the Socialist Party (PS), Álvaro Elizalde, in the municipality Providence, confirmed by Carabineros.

The event was recorded at the intersection of Vilaseca and Dr. Pedro Lautaro Ferrer, where a group of four criminals, After descending from the car, he addressed the MP through the Maul region through the "entrone".

"Two of them were intimidated by guns and one with a knife, made him descend and took the Senator's vehicle ", in detail Captain Marianela Joufre, district officer of the Santiago Oriente prefecture.

Elizalde, 49, was injured and sentenced to the incident at the 19th Police Station in Providence, said the police institution.

"Due to the rapid operation of the Customs Department and the search for people and vehicles, and with GPS tracking from the mobile phone that was inside the vehicle, the arrest of four people in the Huechuraba municipality was achieved"added the Captain of the Carabinieri.

Although the subjects manipulated the phone of Elizalde, car, however, was not found.

The four individuals will go into the custody of the criminal act of admission because they are not yet connected with the theft.

This is The second crime suffered by Senator Elizalde in the past eight months. Last October, when he was at a party, the PS helicopter stole various types from his vehicle, also in Providence.

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