Tuesday , May 11 2021

Sebastian Moreno is the newly elected president of the ANFP, after winning Jorge Uui in split elections

Sebastian Moreno he got up new elected president of ANFP, after winning 25 against 21 against Jorge Uui, in a divided election process that took place this Thursday during a Council meeting in Quilín.

The process has been extended for more than three hours and four rounds, due to a balanced scenario between candidates.

In the first session, Moreno and Wai coincided with 18 votes, leaving Harold Maine-Nicholls out of the race, who won only 12 votes.

In the second round, conducted immediately, without a medium break, Wow surprised by taking the lead by 24-22 votes.

However, according to statutes, an absolute majority requires 25 votes to determine the new president, so the process is repeated.

After the third round, where the same results were re-presented, the fourth and final elections were held, where Moreno climbed as a winner.

According to Hugo Munoz, director of the ANFP who led the process, There were two empty voices and zero zero voices. One of these empty voices was Mario Rodriguez, president of the Universidad de Concepción.

Sebastian Moreno and his future director will take up the position January 7, 2019, the same day that Arturo Sala, a current breadwinner, will leave the main armchair in Quilín.

This is the list that will accompany Moreno in the period 2019-2022:

  • Sebastian Moreno, Secretary General of the ANFP
  • Andres Fazio, vice president of the ANFP
  • Aldo Corradosi, treasurer of the ANFP
  • Martin Ibryne, general manager of Unión La Calera
  • Jacques Albigli, former leader of the Catholic University
  • Arturo Aguayo, former president of Huachipato
  • Raul Yelevez, leader of Deportes Temuco

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