Tuesday , May 11 2021

Sebastian Moreno is the new president of the ANFP

Script confirmed in ANFP: Sebastian Moreno is the new president of the organic, in the next four years.

An opposition candidate and current member of the panel of Arturo Salah won the election Jorge Uui, at unexpectedly closed elections reached the fourth round and it was defined by 25-21.

Everything emerged after the attack that coaxed the Arab picture, but he could not ratify it in the second and third round, which won by 24-22, but without obtaining the required majority of 25 votes.

Moreno, in this way, will assume his post on January 7th.

Beyond Maine Nichols

The first round of elections defined that Jorge Uui and Sebastian Moreno define the next president of the organization in the second round.

After the vote, showed the first round 18 votes for Sebastian Moreno, 18 for Jorge Wuy and only 12 for Harold Maine-Nichols.

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