Thursday , April 22 2021

Scriptwriter of "Hidden Truths" explained why "they killed" "Roxana"

This Friday chapter from "Hidden Truths" has confirmed Roxana's death (Rosio Tuscany)after she did not survive the operation in which she donated a kidney to her sister, "Javiera" (Marija Jezus Miranda).

Carlos Porto, director of scenarios of television series, explained on the portal of Mega why they decided to end the life of the character: "The story of Roxana was closing gradually over the last months. "

"He revealed his true descent, finally accepted the loss of Gonzalo and took the road of dissatisfaction and discontent to confirm his place as the daughter of Samuel and Raquel," he said.

According to the writer of fiction, "Javier's disease is presented as an opportunity to get what he most craves: love and gratitude to his father. Roxana makes the decision to donate the kidney, thinking about her and her own benefit, without doubting that it will be its end. "

Porto ruled that "Roxana's death shattered the lives of all, especially Raquel and Samuel, their parents. She will be hit by Javira because she must live with weight and error to know that Roxana had lost her life for her. "

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