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Scientific reasons for fulfilling your annual Resolutions

New Year, New Life. Many people use these days to follow the last 12 months and, of course, make a list of good uses.

If you are one of those who promise to leave vices and lead a healthy life every year, here is a series of scientific evidence that will confirm your good intentions. And a Happy New Year!

Sign up for the gym

A study published in the journal PLoS Genetics found that the benefits of sports are beginning to manifest after six months of practice: the risk of cardiovascular disease decreases, the accumulated fats are reduced, and there are favorable changes in the genetic material.

In addition, exercise helps you maintain self-control and improve the immune system: a great ally against winter colds.

If you want something quieter, like yoga, you will be happy to know that more and more scientific studies support the benefits of this practice: they reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mental activity and strengthen your heart.

Stop smoking

The negative effects of tobacco on health are well-known, and if you think they will give up, you will be encouraged to know that a study published in the Journal of Drug Addiction and Alcohol reported that abandonment improves memory by 15%.

Another work found that quitting smoking before the age of 30 prolongs life for a decade, Inform 21 reports.

Learning languages

Not only does it help you to improve your work expectations, it is also good for your brain. Scientific studies show that learning in other languages ​​improves concentration, increases the plastic state of the brain, and even delays Alzheimer's disease.

In addition, it seems that speaking in two languages ​​slows down the cognitive deterioration of aging.

Sign up for a volunteer

Although this should not be the main reason for doing this activity, the dedication of part of your time helping others will also give you many personal pleasures: scientific studies show that altruism improves our trust and optimism, and also promotes physiological changes in the brain that helps us to be happier.

Eat a healthy diet

After the excess Christmas, nothing better than a healthy diet. Can we keep it? To motivate you, we will remind you that eating improves your cognitive health and that dieting as a vegetarian diet lowers blood pressure.

In addition, recent studies have expanded the benefits of monitoring a low-calorie diet because it improves health and slows down aging.

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