Wednesday , May 12 2021

Samsung is organizing a Fortune tournament where you can only play from your mobile phone

Months are passing, and the video game world continues to be taught at the Fortune's legs. The real battles of epic games have proven to be a product that is known to keep the current.

Samsung had the courage to be an ally with them and make the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 was linked, as a kind of "official phone" to play Fortnite.

It's strange that this type of games are usually played with a mouse and a keyboard on a computer, or at least with a console joystick. But with your thumbs on the screen?

That's what Samsung proposes for you and through a 120-player tournament in his super store Costanera Center, has found the best player:


There will be 4 days of battles between December 6 and 9, where players will be given a Galaxy Note 9 to play and no, you can not get any kind of peripheral. Your thumbs are your weapon.

Are you interested? The inscriptions are still open on the official website and there are obviously awards:

  • 1st place: Galaxy Note9 and 20,000 VBUCKS
  • 2nd place: Galaxy S9 + and 10,000 VBUCKS
  • 3rd place: Galaxy S9 plus 5,000 VBUCKS
  • 4th place: Galaxy S8 + and 3,000 VBUCKS

In addition, anyone who registers and participates in the tournament will have discounts between 20% and 50% in the telephony products and accessories of the brand. We do not confirm or deny that we will have an infiltrated hitting ass.

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