Sunday , January 24 2021

Salmonera Kamancaka confirms the identities of four passengers on an accident plane in Puerto Montt – National

© Agency One Salmonera Kamancaka confirms the identities of four passengers on a plane crash in Puerto Montt

The company confirmed the names of four men belonging to the centers of Kabud and Porcelain.

The company Salmonella Kamancak He issued a statement this afternoon confirmed the identities of four workers who boarded the plane that this morning fell on a house near La Paloma airport, in Puerto Montt.

A total of six people traveled on the plane, five men and one woman.

In the text, the company says that "we regret to report that today there was a tragic plane crash in which our colleagues traveled. Jose Vidal, Leonel Soto, Eriko Ojarco and Gonzalo Navarro, at the centers of Kabud and Porcelain, which ended with fatal consequences. "

They add that "as a company and a human team, we do not find an incredibly frightening and deep regret what happened, our company staff already accompany family members and colleagues at work, giving them full support in these difficult times."

Finally, they stated that "This is a big blow to our Camanchaca family and we will be careful of the next steps and we will inform you"


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