Saturday , July 31 2021

Salas attacks the mind

Early in the era of Mario Salas in Colo Colo. At 8 o'clock in the morning, DT was already in the premises of the Monumental, to develop a series of meetings with Sports Director Marcello Espina in order to make definitions for this season.

The coach was enthusiastic on the first day. He did not want to miss any details of what everyday life implies in addition to Macul.

In the morning he met with his excellent friend Marcello Espina, who was an assistant in Everton and Soyuz, and who is also in charge of the signing policy. In fact, one of the guidelines outlined in the club's technical office indicates the rejuvenation of the school. That is to say, not to engage figures from an advanced age and to get rid of some experienced players,

Before this practice, Gabriel Ruiz Taggle introduced Salas into the dressing room. There DT gave a speech of 10 minutes. In addition, he met with the workers in the institution, because he is interested in knowing the reality of the officers.
Before the start of the session, Salas held a conversation on the field with the entire squad. Only Jorge Valdivia was absent, who asked for his approval to join today, after having problems with the flight he will bring to Chile from the United States, where he was spending a few days with his family.

Technician Albo, at any time, was very motivating during his first meeting with the team. "Bieeeen, Branco!" He called for Provence after the good game. In addition, he clarified his intensity in every movement. When the ball came out, he rushed his team to resume fast with the exercise, and also highlighted mid-length shots.

In the end, he also had a brief exchange of words with James Valdes, in which the coach put his hand on his shoulder. The short conclave ended with some laughing of both protagonists.

The emotion was moving towards the end of the day, when the strategist gave a new speech. The main detail was that the players joined as they circled the round technician, who was placed in the middle and spoke circling to look at them all.

The hare was ended with a call (a new one), very much in the style of rugby, a sport that hid the vignette in its youth and from where it always saved the elements related to friendship and solidarity.

At the end of the practice, which lasted almost two hours, the players retreated into silence. Salas, after 20:00, left the stadium. Of course, they were briefly attending the journalists who were waiting at the exit and had time to joke with the last cry of their speech. In addition, he seized the opportunity to sign t-shirts for the children who came to perform the vigil for Macula.

With a very cheerful person, the commander completed his first day of training in a team that he always dreamed of to manage. He made it pleased with the conviction of someone who wants to stay in the story of dawn.

The next few days will be key in terms of inclusion and games. Salas must set his guidelines to face the season, where he is obliged to fight for the title and, at least, to qualify for the Copa Libertadores 2020.

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