Monday , May 17 2021

S. M. Chile has reached its historic maximum in the midst of the announcement of the dissolution of the subordinated debt

The good news continues to come to Banco de Chile. This is because the parent company B's B series yesterday announced it would call an extraordinary session to plan its termination before the upcoming payment of a subordinated debt and today celebrated that its shares have reached their historic maximum value after its fifth consecutive week of rise.

SM Chile closed the day of the Santiago Stock Exchange with a value of $ 334,070 per share after a 2.16% increase, the day the company traded at $ 2.1111 million.

The company's documents reached a five-week period in which it managed to accumulate an increase of 7.25% in its documents and so far this year it increased by 5.47%. This, compared with 2018 when he bid farewell to the year with an increase of 3.17%.

The calculation of the company is given on the day after S. M. Chile sent essential facts to the Financial Market Committee (CMF), where it briefed on the date on which it will define all issues related to the dissolution and liquidation of this company, which will take place on March 28th.

S. M. Chile urges the board to plan its termination before immediate payment of a subordinated debt

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