Thursday , April 22 2021

Roberto Navajo and the match between Ruda and Bravo: It's great news for the national team

Roberto Naviaz, Archer Coach who became close to Chilean Claudio Bravo while he trained at Real Sociedad (Spain), he shared his opinion Opened in Cooperativa for the match between goalkeeper and coach Reinaldo Rueda, and the performance he has after overcoming the severe injury to the Achilles tendon.

"I think that's great news. That the coach wanted to meet Claudio to talk, talk, take care of his status, interest, how he thinks and how he is, is fantastic, Claudio is an important player where he is and that's good news for the national team"he commented.

Navajo also referred to Bravo's level after overcoming the Achilles tendon injury and lasting for months without competing against the game as a starter.

"Bravo has no problem. It is a great competitor who knows how to adjust the circumstances at any moment, and do not need a lot of games to achieve excellent performance. Physically, he is well, recovered as a good competitor, a goalkeeper is a lot of head, and Claudio has everything he can to achieve the best, "he explains.

Finally, before the possible return of Bravo to the Red, Navajo said that it is not essential for the goalkeeper to talk with the players about the controversy that occurred at the end of previous qualifications and that marked his departure from the national team.

"Things need to be spoken normally, the technicians we need to generate are meetings, approaches, we are generating solutions to walk the group as much as possible." It happens in all teams. We should not give meaning and think about the common goal of the national team, which is to make a big Copa America. The rest is secondary and we need to look at the present, "he said.

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