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River versus Boca Live through FOX Sports: rules and how the final of Copa Libertadores 2018 is defined | Total Sports World Football

This Saturday, November 24, the final of the Copa Libertadores 2018 between River Plate and Boca Juniors. During the above definition, there may be some events that may differentiate the fate of the meeting to be played in Monumental de Núñez.

In case the result is equal

Bombonera's first match ended with 2: 2. Therefore, in order to end the relationship in the referee "Millionaire", a championship team will not be announced. From the very beginning it was specified that at this end of the Cup of Libertadores, the visitor's goal has no added value.

If this happens, additional time (30 minutes) will be played. If the score remains equal to the end of the aggregate, the penalty shootout will continue.

Use of fourth modification

From the 2017 edition, Conmebol authorized any team that arrives to the continuation instance to make a fourth change. As a result, both Boca Juniors like River Plata You can enjoy this benefit on Saturdays.

New VAR function

Video Arbitration has already made its first interventions in the final played in Bombonera. However, at Monumental de Núñez can publish a new feature.

The new modality of VAR it will be done in case the duel ends even after extra time and it is necessary to resort to penalties.

In this situation, the video judge must mediate and inform the chief referee, Andres Kuna, in only two circumstances: a violation committed by the goalkeeper (overtaking) and a pitch-break (stopping or touching the ball in more than one occasion ).

It should be noted that at a meeting on Saturday, November 24, only the local team fans will be able to enter the stadium (River Plata). In one way match, the same rule was applied to fans of Boca Juniors.

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